A Look at Masters of Sex- Season 2 Finale: “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”

Ladies and gentlemen, “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.” The second season finale to Masters of Sex had the task of bringing resolution to the season’s many plots, but also had to maintain enough interest through the next season. While the balance of the season was a bit uneven, there’s enough good to overshadow the minor nitpicks I have as Bill and Virginia prepare to become household names.

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A Look at Masters of Sex- Season 2, Episode 9: “Story of My Life”

If “Story of My Life” is any indication, it’s that if you want something done, do it yourself and own up to what’s yours instead of trying to ignore the problem right in front of you. Bill and Virginia see their problems put on display, but mostly through other people around them.

By episode’s end, characters confront their own insecurities that they long thought had been buried or neglected. Their arcs progressed in a well done, character driven episode.

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