A Look at Masters of Sex- Season 4, Episode 3: “The Pleasure Protocol”

And with some compelling client cases and interpersonal drama for the characters, “The Pleasure Protocol” is, to me, one of the better episodes of the series so far, only three episodes into the season.  As we head in, ask yourself: is it possible to pair pleasure with pain?  Love and torture?  Let’s find out.

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A Look at Gotham- Season 3, Episode 2: “Mad City: Burn the Witch”

So Bruce got kidnapped, Ivy went for a fall, and Penguin pulled no punches as he railed against Gotham’s policy department in their failing to protect the city from monsters.  Well, time to see if the GCPD and Gotham’s citizens can prove themselves when they confront Fish Mooney and her monster squad.

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