About omarid513

Guy with some time on his hands and writes about TV shows, films, and occasionally comics. Though there are tons of professionals who are more seasoned and worth your time, I'm just doing this for some practice. Hoping to actually get back into the world of journalism at some point, so this is more of a side project. Whether I'd like to write for local news, political matters, social commentary, entertainment, I'm not sure yet. Using this blog as a way to feel out what I like.

A Look at Legion- Season 1, Episode 7: “Chapter 7”

Legion somehow manages to top itself every week as we get some long-awaited reveals and a visually stunning confrontation between Summerland and the Shadow King as the gang fights to escape this prison of the mind.  Luckily, they get help from some unexpected sources.

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A Look at The Walking Dead- Season 7, Episode 14: “The Other Side”

So Rosita has been a complete asshole to Sasha all this time, but I guess when it comes to the dealing with the bigger picture and killing Negan, Sasha can put any anger she has aside.  At least Rosita has a well thought out plan, right?  Anyway, let’s return to the Hilltop in “The Other Side.”

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