A Look at Orphan Black- Season 4 Finale: “From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths”

Last time on Orphan Black, Helena showed what she learned from watching The Revenant, Evie Cho made a major error in judgment, and Delphine turned to almost look at the camera.  And now, welcome back to Orphan Black for the Season Four finale.

From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths- Krystal watches Duko about to shoot Delphine

The episode begins with a flashback to the events of Season Three as Krystal watches Detective Duko shoot Delphine in the parking garage.  Before he can finish her off, Krystal’s phone rings, distracting him.  Why Krystal even has her phone on or why Duko didn’t just finish Delphine off is anyone’s guess.  But Duko leaves.

From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths- Dr. Van Lier, played by Scott Wentworth, rescues Delphine

Krystal rushes to Delphine, but a van arrives and men come to pick up Delphine.  These men also happen to know Krystal’s name.  One of the men in particular is Dr. Van Lier, the same man who has served as Evie Cho’s doctor.  We follow Delphine through her surgery and recovery as she’s patched up and healed.  One of the men working on her just happens to be the same man that Rachel has been seeing in her glitches.

From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths- Cosima and Susan make a breakthrough

Back on the island, Cosima and Susan continue their research.  The vector was effective and the sequence has remained stable.  Science success!  Translation to Sarah and Mrs. S., there’s a cure for Cosima.  There’s a functioning therapy for all of the sestras.  But then, Cosima is denied access from the database.

From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths- Krystal speaks with Felix

Krystal talks with a friend about Evie Cho’s comments when she spots Van Lier on television, saying that he will be taking over as CEO of Brightborn.  Krystal calls Felix to give more information about Delphine, but she won’t give anything unless Felix tells her everything.

From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths- Ira tells Rachel that he can't get in touch with Susan

Ira, meanwhile, is unable to get in touch with Susan.  Sarah calls Rachel to discuss Brightborn and Evie Cho’s troubles, but Rachel is having her own communication issues.  Well, bringing down Evie Cho was bound to bring about problems.  The doctor is Evie Cho’s personal physician and saw the transition of power.  As Rachel later gets herself ready, she gets an unexpected visit from Ferdinand.

From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths- Felix tells S and Sarah about Krystal's information

Felix arrives and tells S and Sarah about Krystal’s information regarding Delphine.  The name of the game is bots versus clones.  S will keep trying to contact Cosima while Sarah and Felix talk with Krystal.

From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths- Charlotte points out Cosima's nosebleed

Internet at the island is no better.  Cosima tries to comfort Charlotte, but all of a sudden, she gets a nosebleed and feels woozy.

From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths- Dr. Van Lier activates the bot in Evie's mouth

Evie talks with a gathering of executives about Brightborn’s exposure and the following damage control.  She’s presented with papers that absolve Brightborn of any responsibilities or troubles.  However, Evie won’t sign anything away since this is her technology.  After all, this is a minor setback.  But then, Van Lier activates the bot in Evie’s mouth.  Well, that should put her down.

From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths- Helena and Donnie in the woods

In the woods that time forgot, S tells Helena and Donnie to keep out of the conflict for now, even though Helena wants to help.  But that first involves figuring out the enemy.  Hope you enjoyed that, because it’s the only time we’ll see Donnie and Helena in the finale.  Oh, and Alison apparently has the shits, which must be why she’s not in the scene.

From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths- Rachel gets Ferdinand on his knees

Rachel fills Ferdinand in, but he just wants to fool around.  Rachel isn’t the same person due to her infirmities.  She doesn’t feel much of anything anymore.  Ferdinand tells Rachel that he’s lost a great deal in his quest to find her.  The two of them had plans.  Also, he’s not a fan of her self-pity.  So Rachel forces Ferdinand to his knees for some foreplay.

From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths- Krystal enters the comic book shop and talks with Felix, Scott, and Hell-Wizard

Krystal strolls into the safe house like she owns the damn place and talks with Felix.  They’re both wearing sunglasses even though they know each other and no one else is in the shop except for Scott and Hell-Wizard.  Krystal doesn’t want to be left out of the loop and won’t budge on divulging information about Delphine.

From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths- Krystal thinks she looks nothing like Sarah

Okay, so Felix takes her downstairs, where she comes face to face with Sarah, who tells Krystal that she is her clone.  Krystal thinks she looks nothing like Sarah.  In fact, she looks better.  Krystal lays it out: this is about human experiments and two factions fighting for control.  Dr. Van Lier is Neolution because he showed up after Delphine was shot and had medical equipment ready.

From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths- Ira walks in on Rachel and Ferdinand

Rachel and Ferdinand’s foreplay continues with Ferdinand tied to the bed and Rachel spouting on about controlling Neolution, which she finds to be the ultimate power.  She demands that Ferdinand say convert, but then Ira enters and spots her in the middle of playtime.  He tells Rachel that Susan is about to call.  Side-note, Tatiana Maslany has got an ass.  Okay, I’m finished.

From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths- Cosima overhears Susan's conversation with Rachel

Susan does call and talk with Rachel about restarting human cloning.  Neolution will apparently back her now that Evie Cho has been retired.  The board will make its recommendations soon.  Oh, and Cosima heard all of this.  She thinks that Susan doesn’t care about a cure and believes that Susan will keep making mistakes.

From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths- Cosima confronts Susan over cloning

So Susan talks about Neolution’s founders, who understood progress.  She can’t risk Cosima interfering, so she locks her in the room.  She could have just taken out a gun and shot her, but whatever.

From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths- Rachel tells Ira that he won't be necessary for the board meeting

Rachel tells Ira that he won’t be necessary for this board meeting.  Well, that’s not good for Ira.

From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths- 'Krystal' questions Dr. Van Lier about Brightborn and Delphine's shooting

Dr. Van Lier takes questions from the press about Evie Cho and legal action taken against her.  Krystal joins in, claiming to be TMZ, and asks questions about Neolution and Dr. Cormier.  She asks him to meet around the corner, and because he’s stupid, he does.

From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths- S and Sarah question Dr. Van Lier

That way, he’s unprepared when Mrs. S. surprises him with a gun.  Oh, and Krystal is Sarah.  Van Lier tells them that he sent Delphine to be healed.  He tells the two that their side has won and Susan already plans to restart human cloning.  Right now, Sarah’s problem isn’t Susan Duncan, but Rachel since she has reconvened the board without Susan.

From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths- Rachel meets with the board

Rachel meets the board and congratulates them for putting human cloning back on the table.  So Rachel talks to the board about how she is not her mother.  She wants to be a part of the goal of genetic change in the general population.  This would involve operating in countries where human cloning is not illegal and can be done with Susan’s baseline and Evie’s technology.

From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths- Art and Felix find Ira

At the same time, Art and Felix enter Rachel’s hotel room and find Ira strapped to the bed, while the doctor tells Sarah and S about Rachel’s plan.

From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths- Sarah tells Ira that they're headed to the island

Sarah arrives at Felix’s place to tell Ira that they’re going to the island to save Susan.  Neolution apparently follows the signs, and so will Sarah.

From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths- Cosima looks at Charlotte's paintings

Back on the island, Cosima searches the room for anything that could help her escape when she spots one of Charlotte’s painting.  On it, she spots three tiny homes.

From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths- Sarah prepares to leave for the island, but Ira can't go

Sarah won’t allow S to go with her to the island not because of Rachel, but to help Cosima.  Plus, someone has to stay behind and take care of Kira, who is in the middle of talking to Ira.  Ira won’t get to go after all.  Instead, he’s staying behind as collateral.  Kira tells her mother that there are other sisters out there that they don’t even know about yet.  Hopefully, they will be free soon.

From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths- Rachel confronts Susan

Rachel arrives at the island and yells for Susan, but gets no response.  Instead, she runs into the man from her glitches.  He tells her that Susan is in the kitchen and advises her to not waiver.  The man, Susan says, is a messenger from the board.  Rachel maintains that she knows what she is doing.  Power, though, does not equal free will.  Susan believes that Rachel won’t be accepted and can’t believe that her own daughter is betraying her.

From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths- Cosima and Charlotte prepare to leave the mansion

Charlotte frees Cosima to tell her that they must get to the boat.  Charlotte confirms that there are other people on the island, but she’s not allowed to go see them.

From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths- Susan tells Rachel that she regrets making her

Rachel thinks that Susan should be thanking her for arriving at this point.  After all, Susan gave Rachel to this.  Susan admits that she shouldn’t have left Rachel, but Rachel is still angry.  Right now, Rachel must make the hard choice.  She asks about the cell line.  Susan finally admits that she regrets making Rachel.  Ouch.

From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths- Rachel stabs Susan

By the way, you’ll probably notice that Rachel is standing very close to some kitchen knives, and that’s important because as Rachel continues to glitch, she picks up a knife and plunges it into her mother’s gut.

From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths- Charlotte and Cosima rest

Charlotte and Cosima venture outside, but Cosima’s condition is not getting any better, as she’s still coughing up blood.  They continue just as Sarah arrives at the island.  As night falls, the two take a moment to rest.

From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths- Sarah finds Susan bleeding

Sarah explores the house and follows a trail of blood downstairs.  She finds Susan trying to patch herself up.  Susan tells Sarah that she sent Cosima and Charlotte away, but also, Rachel has escaped with the entire cell line as a cure.  Unfortunately, there was no time to cure Cosima.

From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths- Rachel tortures Sarah

And that’s when Rachel surprises Sarah from behind.  A three way tussle ensues with Rachel managing to stab Sarah in her thigh.  Sarah maintains that Rachel is one of the clones.  But Rachel denies this.  Hell, she says that Sarah didn’t even know who she was until Beth stepped onto that train platform.

That’s when Susan points a gun at her own daughter.  Okay, when did Susan get that gun and how has she not bled out yet?  Anyway, Rachel goes on a villain monologue and fires at Sarah, but misses because she has the aim of a Stormtrooper, giving Sarah an opportunity to hobble outside.

From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths- Cosima and Charlotte are brought to a sanctuary

The man from Rachel’s vision spots and aids Charlotte and Cosima to his sanctuary- the section of homes Charlotte was told to not visit.  It’s here that Cosima reunites with Delphine.  Doctors get to work on Cosima, who tells Delphine that she might be dying.  At the very least, Cosima tells Delphine that she finished their homework.  Delphine stays with Cosima to keep her warm.  This somehow involves her taking off her clothes.

From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths- Rachel and Susan talk

Susan is somehow still alive.  Rachel tells Susan that she’s made her own decision, but she was led here and has seen things in her eyes: the messenger, the swan, and such.  Rachel asks who built her eye, but Susan says that she already knows.  It’s the man who wrote the book on Neolution over a century ago.  Sounds impossible, but not for him.  Rachel leaves Susan in the room.  She doesn’t finish her off.

From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths- Delphine talks about Cosima

Delphine and the doctor talk about Cosima’s condition, with Delphine maintaining that Cosima is her patient.  Delphine tells Cosima that they have to be careful here because it’s not safe.  Oh, and she has the cure on hand, too.  Delphine makes Cosima promise to not tell anyone.

From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths- Ferdinand speaks with Sarah

Sarah is still hobbling by the shore and looks like hell.  She calls S, but Ferdinand takes the phone and tells her that the family is fine.  He’s just holding them hostage.  That’s all.

From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths- Rachel tells Dr. Van Lier that it's done

Rachel cleans the blade she used to stab Susan and then pours herself a nice glass of wine.  She calls Dr. Van Lier and tells him that it’s done.  In response, he tells her that Dr. Westmoreland will now see her.  The season comes to a close with a now jubilant Rachel receiving a ring at the door.

When a season of a television show ends, you want it to answer any burning questions that may arise throughout the duration of the season.  At the same time, you hope that there’s some discovery, event, or revelation that will keep you invested to tune in when the program returns.

Orphan Black’s fourth season finale accomplishes both, but I think it raises more questions that I hope are addressed in the season’s fifth and now final season.

From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths- Delphine cares for Cosima

Earlier in the season, it felt like things had gone back to basics with the primary focus going to the clones and whatever shadowy organization they had to combat.  We got that, but between Brightborn and Neolution, not to mention the secret community housing Delphine, it feels like things got a bit crowded.  However, that’s not a huge problem because we aren’t constantly jumping from one group to the next.

From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths- Rachel details her master plan

Whether it’s Brightborn or Neolution, this all felt like a way for the show to put Rachel back into a position of power and return her to an antagonist for the clones.  And we see the anger on her face when Susan regrets creating her.  Whether by Susan or Evie, Rachel has gotten the shaft this season and been marginalized by those around her.

From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths- Rachel sees that Susan is about to shoot her

So she finally makes a power play that goes well beyond her mother’s desire for human cloning and is convinced she can do this by blending Susan’s work with Evie’s technology. For all the time Rachel has spent recovering this season, it was nice to see her take charge and prove that she is not her mother or Sarah, even though part of her might want that feeling of true family and camaraderie that Sarah has.

From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths- Rachel tells Susan that she's seeing things in her eye

What I’m curious is what Rachel intends to do with Susan. From what I can see, she doesn’t have much use of her and she wasn’t just trying to prick Susan when she stabbed her. Like Duko or Evie not killing Cosima when given the chance, I have to wonder why Rachel doesn’t just eliminate Susan altogether. She already has the cell line and knows what her mother thinks of her, so just save the trouble and get rid of her.

From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths- Rachel messes with Sarah's leg

Though maybe Rachel’s glitches would explain why she didn’t make the smartest decisions in the finale. Not just keeping Susan alive, but also missing her chance to kill Sarah. Stop doing villain monologues and eliminate the threat when you have the chance.

From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths- Sarah tells S that she's going to the island alone

Granted, Sarah wasn’t in the best of condition when she fled the mansion, so at least Rachel has that. I’m surprised that Sarah elected to visit the island alone without any sort of back-up plan, but I get why this feels more personal for her. Plus, if she had this come-from-behind idea to save her at the last second, it would have felt too similar to Helena rescuing the Hendrixes just when they needed help.

From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths- Sarah learns that Ferdinand is with S and Kira

But at what could be her lowest moment after she tried to commit suicide, Sarah is damaged and unable to help Mrs. S. and Kira. As strong and committed she is to protecting her family, what she’s unable to do here is save everyone. I get that she wouldn’t want to put anyone else at risk, given how dangerous Rachel can be, and Ira might not have provided much help, but you’d think there would be a Plan B.

From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths- Krystal has a question

Let’s talk about Krystal for a bit. As Felix points out, she has this uncanny ability to be right on the nose with her hunches, but still be off in a few areas. It’s almost like trying to dissect this show’s plot, but I digress. She proved useful with her information about Ian Van Lier and, unlike other allies, wasn’t shocked at all about the clone reveal, which was a nice change of pace.

From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths- Duko searches while Krystal hides

And how nice of her phone to be the thing that ended up saving Delphine’s life. Why she didn’t have her phone off while snooping, I don’t know. And why Duko? It felt like a way to bring his character back, but this reveal isn’t all that impacting. Granted, the show doesn’t play it up like it should be a big reveal, but like Kendall Malone, I’m left wondering why Duko didn’t just finish Delphine when he had the chance.

From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths- Dr. Van Lier ends Evie

Hell, it would have been a surprise if Evie Cho had been the one to shoot Delphine. Give this woman some level of menace. As is, Evie was a bit of a letdown as a villain. Sure, the show had to set Rachel back up, but really, what was on Evie’s list of accomplishments? Duko is the one who put the bullet in Kendall Malone’s head. She just gave the order.

From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths- Evie Cho's last stand

For as calm and collective as she’s been this season, when her world crumbles all around her, she loses that calmness and becomes petulant. Had she not been foolish enough to fall for Rachel’s ruse, she wouldn’t have ended up in this situation and ended up paying with her life. She was, as she saw the clones, obsolete. It’s unfortunate that Evie’s demise came from Brightborn itself and not someone from Clone Club.

From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths- Delphine and Cosima kiss

As for Cosima and Delphine’s reunion, it was a long time coming and I’ll admit that it was nice to see them reunite after being apart for so long.  It felt like the show was about to let Cosima die since her condition wasn’t improving, but no way would that happen before she see Delphine again.  I assume next season we’ll find out why Delphine has remained her for so long and presumably made no attempt to contact Cosima.

Though I do find it convenient that the hidden sanctuary happened to be located not too far from the mansion, just so Cosima and Charlotte could be rescued so they wouldn’t die in the middle of the woods.  And on Cosima, I like that she again took initiative and challenged Susan, as well as looking for a way out instead of waiting to be rescued.

From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths- Cosima finds one of Charlotte's paintings

Granted, she did have to wait since Charlotte was the one who sprung her, but at least she took the time to find out about the hidden community on the island.

From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths- Krystal and Felix in the comic book store

And for as dark as this episode was, it had its share of lighter moments.  Anytime Felix and Krystal interact, you’re bound for an entertaining scene.  Same goes for Ferdinand just wanting Rachel to dominate him.  And Ira’s line about Ferdinand still having his socks on might have been the funniest line of the episode.  Helena and Donnie, while brief, also have a nice moment, as well.

In a season of betrayal, death, and misery, there were still glimmers of hope throughout.  “From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths” worked well mostly with Sarah, Krystal, and Rachel, but also giving Cosima some happiness.  It didn’t all work well.  Evie Cho being dispatched of so simply shows how expendable she ended up being as a villain.

But now we’re left with more questions: What does Rachel want with Dr. Westmoreland?  Will her ultimate goal succeed?  How does Ferdinand factor into this, if at all?  Will Krystal become more involved with Clone Club?  Why does Delphine want Cosima to keep quiet? What has Delphine been doing this entire time?  And after learning that Kira and Siobhan are in danger, what will Sarah do now?

Here’s hoping we get some answers when we return for the final run of Orphan Black in Season Five.  See you then.

A Look at Orphan Black- Season 4, Episode 9: “The Mitigation of Competition”

While Cosima heads to the island that time forgot, Sarah and Rachel join forces to take down Evie Cho.  Meanwhile, some familiar faces return in the penultimate episode of Season Four.

The Mitigation of Competition- Ira and Rachel discuss Evie Cho

The episode begins with Rachel glitching as she has a vision of the same man moving through the woods.  She tells Ira that she glitched again and saw herself on the island.  Ira shows Rachel footage of Evie on television, talking about overcoming her sad upbringing, essentially painting herself a hero.  At an upcoming press conference, Evie will announce big news for Brightborn.

The Mitigation of Competition- Rachel proposes a partnership with Sarah and Felix

Then there’s a knock at the door.  In enter Felix and Sarah, who acknowledges that this is a bad idea.  Sarah, at this point, you ought to be used to bad ideas.  Felix hates the idea of Rachel in exchange for Cosima, due to her plan for taking down Evie Cho.

Evie plans to prove that her gene therapy works, but it’s a Trojan horse because DNA can be altered without consent.  Evie wants the technology to go public in three years and she’s developed her tech through human trials.  Rachel needs Sarah to find two carriers, Tabitha Stewart, and Kendra Dupree.  With what they know, Rachel can destroy Evie and Susan can reclaim her spot in Neolution.

Since Rachel has her limitations, Ira will help.  Sounds good, but Sarah wants this done on her terms.

The Mitigation of Competition- Evie is threatened with exposure

Evie still wants the clones found and is concerned about Detective Duko, but she also has to deal with an unknown person who demands that Evie leave them alone or she’ll release a certain video online.

The Mitigation of Competition- Donnie reunites with Alison

Donnie is released and wants to have some conjugal love with Alison, but she has no time for that.  She’s too concerned that she’s lost touch with her faith.  In that case, Donnie can help Alison see God.

The Mitigation of Competition- Sarah and Felix make a plan

Sarah and Felix go over Rachel’s file while realizing that they probably won’t be getting any help soon from Cosima, Alison, or Helena.  Felix goes off to help the Hendrixes while Sarah and Art goes off to follow up on a tip regarding two women.

The Mitigation of Competition- Susan has a book for Cosima

On the island, Susan and Cosima are hard at work creating compatible stem cells, though Cosima is a bit woozy.  Susan provides Cosima with The Science of Neolution– the same text she showed to Rachel.

The Mitigation of Competition- Art sees Kendra's body

Sarah and Art’s lead ends up being a crime scene.  Inside, Art learns that this is an apparent suicide case.  Tabitha checked in with Kendra, when Trina later found her hanging from the pipe.  No vital signs from the baby.

The Mitigation of Competition- Trina tells Sarah that Tabitha's death was not a suicide

Outside, Sarah gets a call from Helena, who is embracing her inner Leonardo Dicaprio and living in the woods.  Helena explains that she has a place of her own.  Sarah is glad that Helena is away from all this nonsense, but also advises her to take care of her children.  Then Sarah confronts Trina, who still thinks that Sarah is Beth.  Trina explains that Brightborn is much worse than she thought.

Trina then says that Tabitha’s death was not a suicide and hopes that Kendra got away.  She tells Sarah that Kendra might have gone to an empty house in Tisdale.

The Mitigation of Competition- Art is asked about Detective Duko

Back inside, Art learns that others at the precinct are concerned about Duko, since no one has heard from him.  When Art leaves, the detectives calls Evie and tells her that not only has Kendra escaped, but someone besides Evie is searching for her.

The Mitigation of Competition- Adele goes over Donnie's case and is still suspicious

Adele goes over Donnie’s case, as he’s being charged with trafficking and importing.  For now, Donnie has nothing to worry about so long as he behaves himself.  When Felix tells that the two are being watched, Adele asks if there’s anything going on involving Detective Duko.  Everyone plays coy and Felix ushers Adele out.

The Mitigation of Competition- Rachel tells Ira to tail Sarah

While Evie asks Ian to find the carrier, Sarah and Art arrive at Tisdale when she gets a call from Rachel, who has an address.  However, despite Rachel’s good intentions, Sarah still shoots down her help.  Even still, Ira tracks Rachel’s location, so Rachel suggests that Ira tail Sarah.

The Mitigation of Competition- Cosima and Charlotte look at the Neolution book

Cosima and Charlotte find common ground in their sickness and go over the Neolution text.  Charlotte shows her favorite part about the island.

The Mitigation of Competition- Felix caught between Adele and Helena

Adele has more questions than Felix wants to answer when Helena arrives unannounced.  So Felix has no choice but to say that this is Helena, who is Sarah’s other sister.  Helena’s accent doesn’t make Adele any less curious, so she has some questions.

The Mitigation of Competition- Alison and Donnie pray after sex

Donnie has his conjugal time with Alison, but after he comes, Alison asks him to pray with her.  She tells God that though they haven’t been good Christians, they’re grateful that Donnie is out of prison.  Alison feels that God has forsaken her because everyone knows that she’s a criminal.  It doesn’t help that there are officers outside.  Alison wants to get away, but Donnie surrendered his passport.  Regardless, they’re going to Niagra.

The Mitigation of Competition- Rachel glitches again

Rachel continues to glitch, this time seeing a group of men capture the swan and go for an axe.  God, Rachel, stop having these visions.  You’re bumming me out.

The Mitigation of Competition- Kendra, played by Lisa Codrington, surprises Art and Sarah

Having checked a number of homes, Art and Sarah arrive at their final location, but get no response, so Sarah picks the lock and the two enter.  They call out for Kendra, but get no response except for a baby’s cry.  Upstairs, they find the child.  As the two approach, Kendra, played by Lisa Codrington, rushes out with a gun at the ready.

How long was Kendra waiting?  Anyway, Art shows his police I.D. to confirm that he’s not hostile.  Kendra consoles her child- who is not the same color as her.

The Mitigation of Competition- Adele has questions for Helena

So Adele’s inquisition continues, though Helena is more concerned with her other sisters, specifically the Hendrixes.  Helena is also irritated by Adele to the point where she almost attacks her.  Felix sends Helena off and asks for an hour so he can sort things out with Adele.  He wants Adele to sober up and then leave, but Adele wants an explanation.

In a moment of kindness I really appreciate, Felix tells Adele that she’s unsullied by all of this shit, so he won’t bring ruin things by telling her the truth.  He tells her that this is his life, and that’s fine with Adele, so she decides to leave him with his real family.

The Mitigation of Competition- Kendra shows Art and Sarah a hidden video

Sarah and Art explain how they found Kendra, who believes that Tabitha was killed.  When asked about Brightborn, Kendra explains that she and Tabitha were nearing full term, but heard that some children were born differently.  They snuck out of a ward when they saw two doctors sneak into an operating room to operate on a crying baby.  Kendra shows them footage of doctors putting down the same child that horrified Cosima.

Next day, Kendra and Tabitha ran.  Kendra’s child, Jacob, was born blind, and she fears that Brightborn will put down her baby.  All Kendra wants is for Sarah and Art to take the footage and leave.  After all, she has to also think about her other son.

The Mitigation of Competition- Susan and Cosima discuss Neolution

Cosima finds Neolution’s forefather fascinating and wonders if Susan’s mindset is similar.  Susan explains that she was under pressure to continue Leda when she created Charlotte.  That pressure doesn’t matter because Charlotte is a unique, happy life that will hopefully live, even though she has a terminal illness.  Tomorrow, the two will hopefully have a zygote.

The Mitigation of Competition- Sarah and Rachel discuss how to handle Kendra

Sarah tells Rachel about Kendra.  Rachel suggests using information about Kendra’s other son as blackmail, but Sarah is unsure if she can make that decision.  Since Sarah won’t act, Rachel advises Ira to do so.  However, there’s a complication.  Then Sarah tells Kendra that she’s not safe at home, but she can be at the safe house.  As afraid as Kendra is, she needs to help.

And that’s when Art realizes that there are people outside.  Kendra answers the phone- it’s Rachel, who explains that she has an associate outside.  She mentions the address of her other son, William, and tells Kendra to do what she says.

The Mitigation of Competition- Art stops the Brightborn agents

Art captures the two Brightborn agents just as Sarah sees that Kendra has escaped with Ira.  Sarah wants to lash out at the agents, but Ira wants them taken to the police.  The agents aren’t worried, but Art just wonders who will spring them.  I’m more curious why the two snuck in together.  Why not separately, in case something went wrong?

The Mitigation of Competition- Alison finds Donnie held hostage

Okay, whatever.  Alison and Donnie pack when Donnie realizes that the cops are gone, but an ambulance is still outside.  Donnie heads to the basement to grab some flip-flops.  As Alison eyes her cross, she hears a noise from downstairs.  She goes down to find a man holding Donnie hostage.

The Mitigation of Competition- Evie learns that Rachel has information regarding Kendra

As Evie rehearses her press conference remarks, she learns that Rachel Duncan has arrived with information about Kendra Dupree.

The Mitigation of Competition- Helena saves Alison and Donnie

Donnie and Alison are tied up while the inmate prepares a bot to put into Alison’s mouth, unless Alison starts talking about what happened to Detective Duko.  I’m just waiting for Helena to burst in.  As the inmate counts and Alison prays, Helena bursts in and puts an arrow through the inmate’s neck.  See, if the inmate was smart, he’d have put the bot in first.

The Mitigation of Competition- Sarah and Art confront Ira to find out Rachel's location

Art and Sarah confront Ira to ask about Rachel, who tells them that she’s meeting with Evie.  Sarah tells Ira that Rachel just wants power and is playing him.

The Mitigation of Competition- Rachel and Evie make a deal

Rachel comes face to face with Evie and shows her a photo of Kendra, calling it negotiation instead of a shakedown.  Evie says that Project Leda and Susan are off the table, and Rachel agrees.

However, Rachel took offense when Evie said a clone would never have power.  She wants a seat at the table in exchange for handing over the video, of which there is apparently just one copy.  As for Kendra and her child, they are in Rachel’s hotel room.

Evie agrees to the terms.  But then Rachel asks why Brightborn uses euthanasia on the newborns.  It’s a tactic, sure, so she can get Evie talking, as Ira reveals to Art and Sarah.  Evie does end up saying that her work would have shelved if any deformed children were discovered.  In her mind, euthanizing these newborns was the most humane route. Come on, Evie, surely you’re smarter than this.

The Mitigation of Competition- Evie's press conference

The press conference begins.  What if, she proposes, diseases could be eradicated?  As she talks, though, journalists receive the footage of Evie talking the deformed children, as well as the children being euthanized.  The journalists swarm Evie while Rachel watches with triumph on her face.

The Mitigation of Competition- Rachel tells Ira about her glitches

But then we see that goddamn swan again as Rachel glitches yet again.  And we’ve gotta see that damn decapitated swan head.  She awakens and tells Ira that there were people on the island.  Someone is trying to show her something.

The Mitigation of Competition- Hello, Delphine

Meanwhile, the episode comes to a close as with the reveal of Delphine.

You know, let’s start from there.  Ever since Delphine took a bullet at the end of last season, her fate has been up in the air as to whether she survived.  Since we didn’t see her die and the show has been talking about her this season, it was safe to assume that she lived.  She has, and it’s a nice way to end the episode, but now it remains to be seen what she’s been doing, who nursed her, and whether she’ll see Clone Club again.

I’d also like to know why whoever shot Delphine in the first place didn’t bother finishing her off.  Granted, we don’t know what she’s been up to between then and now and there’s no telling what kind of role she’ll play, but given what she already knows, I’m again baffled that she’s still breathing.  We aren’t dealing with master criminals or thinkers here, it appears.

The Mitigation of Competition- Evie agrees to Rachel's terms

That goes double for Evie.  Maybe she just had a sudden lapse in foresight, but I refuse to believe that Evie would be gullible enough to believe Rachel when she said that she had one copy of an incriminating video.  Evie finds clones obsolete and has no love for Rachel, so why isn’t she smarter than this?

The Mitigation of Competition- Rachel asks why Brightborn uses euthanasia on newborns

You can’t tell me that she wouldn’t give more thought to negotiating with Rachel.  Kendra and her children were still in play.  There was no guarantee that Rachel had Kendra with her- it could have just been a bluff.  Also, Rachel has been out of commission this entire time so she could recover.  Wouldn’t Evie be the slightest bit suspicious how Rachel came into contact with Kendra?

The Mitigation of Competition- Evie exposed

Evie doesn’t question any of this.  She just goes along with it because she wants the video removed from the equation.  But then why bother indulging Rachel when asked about euthanasia?  Evie doesn’t owe Rachel an explanation.  If anything, I would think she would avoid talking about that matter any further.  Sure, Evie didn’t have Kendra in her possession, but what’s to stop Rachel from double-crossing her?

It’s a very simple plan when you break it down.  If Rachel didn’t have a good poker face and Evie had put more thought into this situation, it would have fallen apart.  True, Evie might have no reason to think that Rachel is working with Sarah, given their past, but given her distaste for the clones in general, I would expect her to be a bit suspicious.  It’s all too convenient that she just accepts Rachel’s proposal.

The Mitigation of Competition- Helena is handy with a bow and arrow

Also convenient would be Helena’s sudden return after being out of the loop for four episodes.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love seeing Helena back and I guess she took some time to see The Revenant in between episodes.  Aside from saving Alison and Donnie, which was an awesome moment, she’s not given much to do.

The Mitigation of Competition- Helena and Felix

When she arrives at Felix’s home, it doesn’t do much but just give Adele more of a headache.  But as great as Helena saving Alison was, it was predictable.  Not just because the inmate didn’t drop the bot in Alison’s mouth from the start, but Helena doesn’t know what Sarah and Cosima are up to, as far as I know, she doesn’t know about the safe house, and even if Alison and Donnie weren’t in danger, that’s her only option.

The Mitigation of Competition- Alison's bloody face

So it was just a matter of time before she arrived to answer Alison’s prayers.  Alison, it seems, is still going through a crisis of faith.  As she pleaded for God’s mercy, I think it came more from the heart and her accepting the bad things that she’s done instead of making those her final words.  I have to wonder if she really sees herself as Judas for what she told Duko, even though it ended up working in favor of the clones.

The Mitigation of Competition- Felix wants to protect Adele by keeping her out of the loop

As for Felix, I really liked his scene with Adele.  Felix has seen his fair share of shit from Clone Club and knows that those involved can be harmed or come under fire.  As much as Felix has enjoyed time with Adele, he’s not pushing her away out of spite.  He wants to spare her the same hardships that have plagued others who learned too much about the clones.

The Mitigation of Competition- Adele and Felix part ways for now

I imagine that he’d like to tell Adele something just to ease her curiosity- similar to how he helped Krystal last season- but even the tiniest bit of information would just make her more curious.  I think she gets that Felix’s life, as complicated as it is, will always be tied to the clones, so when she says that acceptance and honesty make a family over genetics, she sees how tight his bond is with Sarah and her sisters.

While it’s by no means a broken bond, it is a sad way for these two to end things for now, even if Felix is doing it to protect Adele.  There are some who still feel that Adele could be a spy or mole, and I would not want that.  Too often are new characters revealed later to be plants, and in this instance, I just want Adele to be a character.

She’s proven her worth by helping Alison and Donnie with their situation and she’s only asked questions when introduced to the other clones.  She’s not barging into their lives and demanding answers.  Questions just arise based on the situation.  Even if she doesn’t appear in the finale or any other moment, I’d like Adele to just be out there so Felix will always have an actual relative that cares for him.

The Mitigation of Competition- Cosima talks Neolution with Susan

Orphan Black often dabbles into the ethical implications behind the science and Cosima is the best use for that.  Her conversations with Susan shows that she still has issues with Neolution.  Given that she’s on the island, she’s at least willing to cooperate with someone that may have an opposing belief.  I appreciate that she maintains her reservations and openly challenges Susan.

The Mitigation of Competition- Sarah and Art watch a video

I don’t have much to say for Sarah and Art, though seeing them out and doing detective work felt like a nice throwback to the earlier seasons.  And it’s not just to get them from point A to B and secure Kendra.  Just as Cosima has issues with Neolution, they get a firsthand look at the horrors that Cosima has already witnessed. And for all of Rachel’s tactics, Sarah at least stood her ground and chose to do things her own way.

With the season finale upon us, there’s a lot at stake.  Will Rachel learn about why she’s glitching?  How, if at all, will Delphine factor into the storyline now that we’ve seen her alive?  Are Alison and Donnie out of the woods for good?  Will Susan and Cosima be able to create a cure?  Does Rachel have an ultimate goal?  And how will Evie Cho rebound after being exposed?  We’ll find out next time in the season finale.

A Look at Orphan Black- Season 4, Episode 8: “The Redesign of Natural Objects”

In this episode, Alison meets Jesus Christ Superstar while also contemplating betrayal of her sisters in order to save Donnie’s life.  Ballsy move, especially for her, but does she have the gall to stab Clone Club in the back?

The Redesign of Natural Objects- Donnie meets a Neolution inmate

The episode begins with Donnie adjusting to prison life.  We see his daily routine, eating prison food and such, when he’s joined by someone who guesses that he’s a fresh fish.  Donnie tells the inmate that he’s in for allegedly trafficking prescription drugs and he sounds damn proud of what he’s done.  And that’s when an inmate with a Neolution arrives and tells Donnie that he’s been watching him.

The Redesign of Natural Objects- Ira examines Rachel after she glitches

Ira examines Rachel, who maintains that she had a glitched vision of a swan.  The two are on their own, as Susan has given up on Ira.  Age may have dulled Susan’s ambition, but both Rachel and Ira are still young.  They can’t just accept their fate.  While they aren’t related, but Rachel considers Ira her brother.  And that’s when Rachel stands up without the help of her crutches.  Passion apparently helps.

The Redesign of Natural Objects- Cosima, Kira, and Sarah speak with M.K.

Cosima brings tea to Sarah to help with her two day hangover while Kira plays more Minecraft.  If Delphine is alive, Sarah is confident that they’ll find her.  Cosima is glad that Sarah made it back from the dark side.  Then M.K. contacts Kira to talk with Sarah.  M.K. is aware of Cosima, who tells her of Kendall’s death.  M.K. plays the video feed where Evie Cho usurped power from Susan.  Cosima asks if there’s a way to talk with Susan.

The Redesign of Natural Objects- Felix introduces Adele to Alison

Felix tells Alison that Adele is a lawyer who can help Donnie, even though she was suspended for intoxication.  When Adele arrives, Felix introduces her to Alison, who is Sarah’s twin sister.

The Redesign of Natural Objects- Ira and Rachel interrupt Susan and Charlotte

Ira and Rachel interrupt Susan’s science time with Catherine to talk about a long term plan for a cure since they’re going to die soon.

The Redesign of Natural Objects- Sarah consoles S

Sarah tells S about Cosima’s plan to meet with Susan to discuss a cure.  However, there’s still Evie Cho and Detective Duko to deal with at the moment.  S appears a bit rattled, but she’s not in a talking mood.  Later, she goes to gather her gun and bullets.  She tells Kira that she’s just off to run an errand.

M.K. patches Sarah through to Susan and Rachel, who acknowledges that they’re all in the same boat.  Susan can’t cure the disease without the original.  That’s when Sarah brings in Cosima, but then Kira interrupts the call to tell Sarah that S left with a gun in tow.

The Redesign of Natural Objects- Scott tells Cosima that he won't work with Rachel

Cosima, meanwhile, continues the discussion when Scott arrives.  He’s skeptical of working with Rachel and won’t work with her.  Rachel refuses to be left out, but Cosima wants both her and Ira gone.

The Redesign of Natural Objects- Donnie speaks with Adele and Alison

Alison and Adele meet with Donnie, who is initially curious about how much Adele knows.  Adele advises Donnie to avoid talking to the police or inmates.  Right now, Adele’s plan is to prove that Donnie isn’t a flight risk.  Donnie’s bail hearing is on Monday.  Donnie then tells Alison privately to talk about the one Neolutionist inmate eying him.  Get it?  Donnie doesn’t think that he’ll last two more days.

The Redesign of Natural Objects- Sarah tells Art about S tracking Duko

As it turns out, S is keeping an eye on Detective Duko.  Sarah catches up with Art and tells her that S might kill Duko.  This could make things worse.  Art will talk to someone who he can trust for help.  On the ride, the two learn that Duko has gone AWOL by turning off the GPS in his car.

The Redesign of Natural Objects- S stalks Duko

At the same time, S, meanwhile, is still stalking Duko from a considerable distance and prepares to take her shot.  In fact, a good few seconds pass when she could have taken the shot, but she stops when Alison joins Duko in his car.  S calls Sarah to say that she knows how Evie Cho will get to them.

The Redesign of Natural Objects- Alison with Detective Duko

Duko tells Alison that she and Donnie are just caught in the crosshairs.  Whether Sarah is a threat to Neolution isn’t Duko’s call.  Alison maintains that she doesn’t know Sarah’s whereabouts, so Duko gives her time to jog her memory.

The Redesign of Natural Objects- Alison speaks with Reverend Mike

So Alison heads to the church, where she drops her items and runs into Reverend Mike.  The reverend feels that Alison might be taking her faith for granted, though Alison says that Donnie’s arrest was a misunderstanding.  Mike wants to help Alison with her secret, but she believes it to be an impossible situation.

Okay, so Alison talks a scenario: what if you did something that protected someone you care about, but hurt someone you love?  Mike reminds Alison of the vow she made to her husband.  This is one of those answers that only the Lord can answer, so Alison needs to open up and let the good Lord guide her.

The Redesign of Natural Objects- Felix gets a call from Alison

Felix, meanwhile, thinks that Alison won’t turn on them.  S and Sarah want him to check on Alison, but he refuses, saying that they can do it themselves.  But then Alison calls to speak with Sarah.  Well, even if Felix won’t check, Alison needs him to come by the church.  Ah, Felix, you just can’t stay away, can you?  Sarah and S are still skeptical.

The Redesign of Natural Objects- Cosima and Scott talk with Susan

Cosima, Scott, and Susan’s research continues, but there are issues with Cosima’s cells.  It doesn’t help that their lab isn’t exactly state of the art.  Cosima comes up with a way to get more eggs.

The Redesign of Natural Objects- Sarah and S talk with M.K.

Just as Felix heads off, M.K calls to give Sarah information on Duko.  He’s done some work with Brightborn.  M.K. thanks Sarah for letting her back in, but S is skeptical as to why M.K. even returned.

The Redesign of Natural Objects- M.K. coughs up blood

When the conversation ends, though, we stay with M.K., as she is also coughing up blood.  Well, that’s never a good sign.

The Redesign of Natural Objects- Rachel glitches again

Rachel gets in more practice walking when she again spots a swan, as well a man, but she’s still glitching.

The Redesign of Natural Objects- Felix advises Alison to stay calm

Alison is a bit frantic with the auditions.  Before she can take a sip of some vodka, Felix arrives and notes how terrified she looks.  Alison just feels out of the loop, though Felix asks if Alison has been visited by police.  Alison maintains that she wouldn’t turn, though Sarah is concerned that Duko is coming after Alison.  Felix advises Alison to keep strong, especially since her sisters are there for her.

The Redesign of Natural Objects- Alison hears Donnie plead for help

Sure.  Alison goes to meet Duko elsewhere in the church.  She doesn’t know where Sarah is, so Duko puts Donnie on the phone.  He’s in a bit of trouble right now, as the Neolution inmate has a shiv that he’s ready to stick in Donnie’s brain, through his eye.  Oddly specific.  A now worried Alison tells Duko about the comic book shop where Sarah will soon show up.  If this is true, Donnie lives.  If not, Alison should start praying.

The Redesign of Natural Objects- Alison Hendrix performs in Jesus Christ Superstar

So while Duko sits and waits outside Rabbit Hole Comics and Donnie gets himself a beating, Alison takes part in her musical rehearsal of Jesus Christ: Superstar.  It’s an oddly humorous juxtaposition.  I imagine someone will be a fan of this rehearsal.  I’m not one of them.

The Redesign of Natural Objects- Duko surprised by Art, S, and Sarah

Duko spots someone arriving at the comic book shop.  He enters and is greeted by the Hell-Wizard, who tells Duko that he’s the only customer to arrive as of recent.  Duko strikes, but then, he’s surrounded by Sarah, Art, and S.

Okay, rehearsal again, but Donnie, meanwhile, strikes back.  Before the inmate can attack, the phone rings.  Duko orders the inmate to stand down, so Donnie lives to see another day.  Sarah texts Felix to tell him that Donnie is safe.

The Redesign of Natural Objects- S interrogates Duko

So time to torture Duko for information.  Well, S will, since Art and Sarah won’t play a part in this.  Hell, I’d think that S is looking forward to this.  She demands to know when Evie will stop coming after her, so Duko tells her that Evie just wants Sarah and has plans for her bot technology.  He spills everything that he knows, so the torture stops.

He offers to work for the clones, but then S turns over the Brightborn information.  Duko claims that his family was threatened.  See, it’s about family.  Oh, that might have been the wrong thing to say, as S soon blows Duko away as revenge for Kendall.

The Redesign of Natural Objects- Cosima has a solution

Scott, unfortunately, is responsible for cleaning up the mess.  This guy continues to get the shaft.  He tells Sarah that there’s big news.  Cosima can match a Leda egg with Castor- the two parts of Kendall Malone rejoined.  Sarah doesn’t like this, but this is the breakthrough that they’ve wanted.  The problem is that Cosima doesn’t have the resources to do this.

The Redesign of Natural Objects- Rachel wants to work with Sarah and restore Susan as head of Neolution

So Cosima is coming to the island.  Ira likes the proposal, though Rachel wants to focus on stopping Evie Cho.  In fact, she wants to work with Sarah Manning to restore Susan as the head of Neolution.  But Rachel glitches again, though now she’s seeing a decapitated swan head.  Well, shit, that’s disturbing.

The Redesign of Natural Objects- Cosima headed to the island

As Cosima flies via helicopter, she talks to Scott, who hopes that she can find a cure.  Cosima promises to do just that.

After watching the pod crumble due to Kendall’s death, it’s appropriate that they bounce right into work to take down Evie Cho in an episode that made good use of every main clone except for Helena.  But after spending a lot of time on the sidelines, Alison gets involved in a way that feels organic to the main storyline.  And it made use of both Felix and the returning Adele in ways that served the plot, not just for comic relief.

The Redesign of Natural Objects- Alison prays

I think it’s fitting that Alison is participating in a rendition of Jesus Christ: Superstar when she’s in somewhat of a similar situation as Christ.  Run with me on this because I’m making a big goddamn leap.  First, she’s tempted by a darker force and asked to throw caution to the wind, knowing that, in the end, she will be saved and relieved from danger. Donnie would, at least.

The Redesign of Natural Objects- Alison tells Duko where Sarah will be

Second, just as Christ found himself betrayed by one of his disciples, Alison was on the verge of turning against her sisters not for 40 pieces of silver, but to save her husband’s life.  Not altogether a selfless motivation, but one that would put her at odds with the remaining clones.

The Redesign of Natural Objects- Duko learns of Sarah's location

I’ll be honest: when Alison told Duko about Sarah’s location, I thought she might have sold her out.  It doesn’t help that Alison’s bond with Sarah, I feel, isn’t as strong or tight as the one Sarah has with Helena or Cosima.

We don’t see her confer with Felix or Sarah that she’s being tempted, and that’s fine because it leads to a misdirect where I was led to believe Alison did the unthinkable.  Of course, she doesn’t make that call and instead sets Duko up for a trap.

The Redesign of Natural Objects- Duko speaks with S

Duko himself, though, I’m of two minds.  He’s not the most high level officer or even authority figure, and the fact that Neolution got to his family showed that anyone, no matter how lowly or insignificant, can fall prey to temptation and become their complete opposite. His motivation is desperation.  Again, like Alison, it’s not completely selfless, but we’re not made to sympathize with him just because he has a soft spot for family.

The Redesign of Natural Objects- Duko attacks Hell-Wizard

In fact, I’m left to question why Evie went to Duko at all.  This extends to having him be the one to execute Kendall.  Duko being a police officer didn’t seem to be of much use to Evie, so I’m curious why she didn’t just have someone with deeper roots in Neolution or even Brightborn do her grunt work.  And he told Mrs. S everything she needed to know and still ended up dead.

The Redesign of Natural Objects- Duko about to be tortured

He folded fast.  His loyalty was to his family and not Neolution, so again, why did Evie even need him?  He gives Neolution cover from the police, sure, but Evie seems smart enough to operate without raising suspicion.  Less so for her underlings, but my point is that if Duko was so expendable, what kept Evie from finding someone more trustworthy and loyal to her cause?  Well, at least it was cathartic for S.

The Redesign of Natural Objects- Cosima talks to Scott

As for Cosima, she’s back into the working habit and I like how she’s done beating herself up over her decision to get Kendall involved.  It was a bad idea that ended up getting Kendall killed, but the least she can do is move forward and find a cure for herself and the other clones.

The Redesign of Natural Objects- Rachel has another swan glitch

This puts Rachel in an interesting position.  Her glitches are getting worse and it looks like she’s foreseeing someone’s end.  Maybe her own, Ira, Charlotte, Cosima,or possible even M.K., now that we’ve seen her cough up blood.  Now that could go either way.  More often than not, if a character starts coughing, they’re about to die, but Cosima has been sick for some time and she’s still alive.

Regardless, Cosima is now further away than ever from the clones and headed for unfamiliar territory.  How will she handle working directly with Rachel and Susan in their ongoing quest for a cure?  I’m expecting some tension since Scott pointed out that Rachel has been untrustworthy in the past, but since the clones are desperate, Cosima doesn’t have much of a choice right now.

A Look at Orphan Black- Season 4, Episode 7: “The Antisocialism of Sex”

With the death of Kendall Malone and a cure now gone, Clone Club is divided, without hope, and now at a low point in their battle against Neolution.  And that means wild and crazy Sarah is finally free to let loose and spiral out of control.

The Antisocialism of Sex- Susan tells Rachel that she's on the island of Dr. Moreau

The episode begins with Rachel checking her prison after she hears a noise.  She calls out at a set of stairs, but gets no response, so she ends up climbing the stairs.  Gold star for her.  She finally sees outside for what I’m guessing is the first time in awhile.  Also upstairs, she stops upon a book.

Susan arrives, telling Rachel that it’s all over due to the original and chance of a cure now destroyed.  And Rachel finally learns where she is: the island of Dr. Moreau.

The Antisocialism of Sex- S is still upset at Sarah

At the safe house, all is silent.  Sarah checks on Mrs. S, who is still upset that Sarah put Kendall in the line of fire and S in the middle.  Now there’s not even a body to bury.  Though Sarah feels Kendall is her blood, Mrs. S. reminds Sarah that she came to her as an orphan.  Well, Sarah plans to go out, and that’s fine with S, but Kira stays with her.

The Antisocialism of Sex- Cosima talks to Scott about Kendall and Delphine

Cosima, meanwhile, sits in her marijuana tent, unable to shake her final moment with Kendall or Delphine’s death.  Again, we’re still talking about Delphine, so you know this is going somewhere.  Scott checks on Cosima, who feels that she pushed Sarah into making a deal and led everyone into Evie’s trap.  Scott, meanwhile, is going to power up, even though there’s nothing left.

The Antisocialism of Sex- Donnie comforts Alison

Alison tries to write a letter to S, but instead, she falls to her knees and prays to God for hope.  Donnie joins and hugs his wife, telling her to take whatever time she needs for her sisters.  In fact, he wants to cancel Gemma’s slumber party since it’s too soon after a tragedy, but Alison insists that it happen so they appear normal for the kids.  And there are hot dogs in the freezer, so she’s putting her goddamn foot down.

The Antisocialism of Sex- Susan gives Rachel a history lesson on Neolution

Susan talks to Rachel about the true history of Neolution, which dates back to the Victorian age.  Even Darwin helped create a secret scientific society that worked to create a better human.  The facility downstairs was built a century ago.  Susan built on top of that to continue the legacy, but now, Evie Cho builds on top of her.  Rachel wants to take her place, though.  After all, they still need a cure.

The Antisocialism of Sex- Kira tells Felix that Sarah went away

Felix consoles S, though he’s also curious where Sarah’s disappeared to this time.  Kira tells him that Sarah left again.  But no, Felix doesn’t think she does that anymore.  That’s not an option.  Felix promises to find Sarah and tells S that, as much as she may not like it, Sarah is the glue holding them all together.

The Antisocialism of Sex- Sarah has visions of Beth

So Sarah drowns her sorrows in alcohol and has visions of Beth.

The Antisocialism of Sex- Cosima doesn't think of Scott as her lab partner

Scott asks Hell-Wizard if anything can be recovered.  Cosima, though, is pessimistic.  Every test failed, so why would they repeat an experiment.  Scott suggests thinking outside the box, and Hell-Wizard thinks that Cosima should listen to his lab partner.  But then Cosima says that her lab partner died.

Wow, Cosima.  Way to be an asshole.  Anyway, since Cosima doesn’t have a way to make that up, she moves things along by revealing the bot from Sarah’s mouth.  See, told you it would pay off.

The Antisocialism of Sex- S tells Art about Cosima's encounter with Detective Duko

S tells Art about what Cosima said concerning the man who shot Kendall, who Art confirms as is Detective Duko, who also drove Beth to try and kill Susan.

The Antisocialism of Sex- Evie's nasty scar

Meanwhile, at Brightborn, it’s a big day for Evie, who has a nasty scar on her right side.  Shingles.  Therapy has brought her a long way, yes.  The doctor is still proud of how far she’s come.

The Antisocialism of Sex- Rachel and Susan speak with Evie

Following this, Evie speaks with Rachel and Susan to lay out her terms, as Rachel is representing Leda in transition.  Evie’s terms: Neolution is under her control.  Leda will be dismantled for its assets.  No need for a Helsinki event.  Sarah and her sisters are still a threat, so Evie has plans.  Rachel offers her help, as she’s not her sisters, but Evie won’t let a clone take a position of importance.

The Antisocialism of Sex- Dizzy finds and joins Sarah at the bar

Sarah continues to drink her problems away when Dizzy joins her at the bar.  He asks if she found out anything concerning the implant, but Sarah is too focused on her drink.  So much that she doesn’t notice when a woman nearby offers her a drink when she wasn’t looking at her glass.  Sarah goes off to speak with the woman and her friend.

The Antisocialism of Sex- Reverend Mike, played by Ryan Blakely, has a gift

Back with the Hendrix, Alison and Donnie continue party planning.  Donnie wants Alison to be able to talk to someone, even if it isn’t him.  As such, he invited Reverend Mike, played by Ryan Blakely, who comes bearing a gift.

The Antisocialism of Sex- Sarah hits the dance floor

We then return to the bar- why this wasn’t one whole sequence, I don’t know- as Sarah gets more and more sloshed and closer to the two friends.  She heads to the dance floor.  Dizzy though?  He don’t dance.  He just watches Sarah from a distance.

The Antisocialism of Sex- Reverend Mike tells Alison that the stage is free for musical review

Back to the party.  Again, play these scenes together.  For some reason, Gemma is in a foul mood, so Alison sends her upstairs.  Reverend Mike has good news: the pageant is done, so the stage is free for the musical review.  He knows that Alison has been having a difficult time, but Alison doesn’t feel it’s insurmountable.

The Antisocialism of Sex- Felix asks Dizzy if he's seen Sarah

So Sarah heads off with her two new friends.  Felix enters the bar and asks random patrons if they’ve seen Sarah.  Never mind that he has no idea if she’s even been there tonight, but whatever.  He spots Dizzy, who confirms that Sarah was indeed at the bar.

The Antisocialism of Sex- Sarah in a three way

In fact, she’s busy doing lines and getting in a three way.  You know, like Beth.  The doing lines part, I mean.  I have no idea if Beth ever participated in a threesome.

The Antisocialism of Sex- Art beats up Duko

At the police station, Art ambushes Duko with a punch and proceeds to beat the crap out of him for killing Kendall.  Duko takes it well.  He tells Art that he can’t stop Evie Cho.  Plus, Art is being watched.  After all, he’s collaborating with Sarah and planted the cell phone in Maggie Chen’s hand to exonerate Beth from wrongdoing?

The Antisocialism of Sex- Rachel tells Charlotte that they're both going to die

As S arranges a sniper rifle, Rachel and Charlotte paint.  Charlotte is still coughing up blood.  They talk of the island prison they’re on.  Rachel says that they share a problem with Ira: Charlotte is sick.  That’s why Susan is testing her.  And there’s no cure- Charlotte is dying and soon, Rachel will join her in death.

The Antisocialism of Sex- Donnie tells a scary story

Donnie tells a scary story to the girls.  They’re frightened, so he’s accomplished his job.

The Antisocialism of Sex- Dizzy pulls a drunk Sarah out of the bar

Back at the bar, Sarah returns to Dizzy, but Sarah’s new friends start a fight.  Luckily, Dizzy pulls Sarah out of the bar.

The Antisocialism of Sex- Sarah gets on top of Dizzy

So the two head to his place and have even more drinks.  Dizzy brings up M.K. and mentions his friend, Ed, who also had an implant, but was killed.  Sarah’s done with talking.  Instead, she puts Dizzy on the bed and straddles him.

When Sarah puts Dizzy’s thumb in her mouth, he notices that her implant is gone.  He wants to know how, but Sarah is off the clock.  She claims to know nothing about removing the implant and immediately leaves, all while still seeing Beth following her.

The Antisocialism of Sex- Police break up birthday party to arrest Donnie

Just as Donnie’s scary story ends, there’s a knock at the door.  It’s the police, Detective Lindstein among them, who pick the absolute worst time to arrest just Donnie for drug trafficking.  A quickly healed Duko enters and tells Alison that they’ll need to keep in touch while Donnie is taken downtown.  Wait, how come Donnie is the only one arrested?

The Antisocialism of Sex- S checks on Kira

S checks on Kira and asks if S meant it when she said it’s Sarah’s fault that Kendall died.  After all, Sarah thinks that it’s her fault.  S is confident that Sarah will be back, but Kira doesn’t think so.  In fact, Sarah is at a bridge with Beth at her side.

The Antisocialism of Sex- Cosima suggests putting the bot in her mouth

Cosima and Scott examine the bot, comparing Sarah’s DNA pre and post-bot.  In what I think is a very daring, yet stupid move, Cosima is willing to take the risk of implanting the bot into her own mouth.  Food arrives, but Cosima locks the door and heads back downstairs.

The Antisocialism of Sex- Sarah talks to Beth

Sarah tells Beth that she’s trying to buy a train ticket.  Beth offers her credit card.  Ghosts can do that.  She then tells Sarah that tonight is their last night.  Hopefully.

Cosima extracts the bot, even though Scott tells her she has no idea what it will do to her.  Cosima feels that her death, if that happens, could help the other sisters understand the disease.

The Antisocialism of Sex- Beth with Sarah at the bridge

As Sarah rants to herself and a guy who walks past, she tells Beth that life would have been better if they hadn’t crossed paths.  She then asks Beth how smashed you have to be in order to kill yourself.  It’s not that high of a drop, though.  And if Sarah screws this up, she could end up like Rachel.

The Antisocialism of Sex- Felix remembers the news about Delphine

S calls Felix to tell her about what Kira said concerning Sarah following Beth.  Felix then gets a call from Scott, who tells her that she’s about to do something dangerous.  When Scott mentions Delphine, something hits Felix, who then calls Cosima.

But Cosima is too deep into the procedure and starts carving into her mouth.  Just as she’s almost got the bot, she puts Felix on speakerphone.  Felix tells her that Krystal saw someone pick up Delphine after she got shot.  That’s enough to make Cosima stop.

The Antisocialism of Sex- Felix finds Sarah at the bridge

And just to help tie things up even neater, Felix arrives at the bridge just as Sarah is leaning over the edge.  He tells her that this isn’t the way and she has to be stronger than Beth.  At the same time, Beth advises Sarah to bring everyone together.  They need her.  Sarah decides that tonight is not her night to die.

The Antisocialism of Sex- S and Sarah have a quiet moment

The next day, she makes her way into at the safe house just as S is making a hangover breakfast.  Appropriate.  The two say no words.  Just hold hands.  Now see, that’s effective storytelling.

The Antisocialism of Sex- M.K. speaks with Kira

Kira, meanwhile, plays Minecraft when she gets a surprise call from M.K.  Kira calls her the girl in the shadows.

The Antisocialism of Sex- Ira finds Rachel on the floor

Back at the island, Rachel makes her way down the stairs.  She calls out for anyone, but gets no response.  She trips and falls down the stairs when, all of a sudden, she spots a swan.  She asks Ira if she saw it, but whatever it is that Rachel saw, it’s glitching in and out.

Okay, so after the emotional turmoil coming with Kendall’s death, it makes sense that Orphan Black gives the characters a chance to deal with the fallout and let us see how they’ve been impacted.  It would be too much to continue the chase after Evie Cho if we don’t get to process her actions alongside the main characters.  Plus, there was bound to be fallout between Sarah and the others.

The Antisocialism of Sex- Sarah offers a drink to Beth

Sometimes, this proved to be effective storytelling, and far more worked than didn’t, but I’ll get to that later.  First, Sarah’s self-destruction was a change of pace as we watched her go through a whirlwind of emotions.  She’d already detonated her relationship with Felix, and now S blames her for getting Kendall killed.  Rather than accept this and move forward with a plan, Sarah finds herself literally on the edge, as Beth did.

The Antisocialism of Sex- Felix joins Sarah at the bridge

Despite Felix saying that Sarah is what holds everyone together, Sarah herself isn’t someone you’d think of as a good leader.  I wouldn’t, at least.  She’s a strong person, no doubt, but a lot of her strength comes from the bond she has with her family.  Without that, she becomes the evasive person we’d heard of as far back as the first season.  Unwilling to deal with consequences and instead choosing to run.

The Antisocialism of Sex- Sarah and Dizzy

More often than not, Sarah has been willing to take risks in dangerous situations, even when the odds are against her.  But here, she finds solace in alcohol and drugs, mocks a ghost, and tries to solicit sex from Dizzy, who expressed concern when he learned that Sarah no longer had an implant.  Rather than help, Sarah continued to spiral downward.  To be honest, I wish we could have had this version of Sarah for one more episode.

The Antisocialism of Sex- Sarah sees Beth

Since she’s apparently what holds everyone together, it would have been interesting to see how the others operate without her in the mix.  More than that, maybe see where Sarah would have ended up, because I did want to see more of her interacting with Beth.  Maybe give her more time to vent about how she never wanted this life.  But it looks like this might be the last we see of Beth.


And that’s unfortunate, because there was plenty of ground to cover between them both.  In the second season of The Leftovers, for example, Patti appeared to Kevin and followed him for a few episodes.  Only he could see and interact this figment of his imagination and he wouldn’t be rid of her until they did battle.

The Antisocialism of Sex- Beth stands before Sarah

Now obviously, I’m not asking for Beth and Sarah to duel, but in light of this episode, having Beth appear to Sarah would have been an opportunity to deal with her psychology and get into her head.  Does she hold Beth responsible for forcing her into this situation?  We don’t know, and we may not get any more interactions between the two of them.

The Antisocialism of Sex- Felix with Sarah on the bridge

I’ll get to the other clones in a moment, but I want to address Felix right now.  First off, despite Sarah meddling in his relationship with Adele, he remains loyal to Sarah and the rest of his extended family.  It would have been easy for him to be petty and leave Sarah to her own devices, but at the end of the day, he still cares for her.

The Antisocialism of Sex- Felix tells Cosima that Delphine is alive

That said, it’s a little convenient for him to show up right at the moment where Sarah is about to throw her life away, but that’s not my problem.  No, my issue is his sudden remembrance of Delphine.  You can say that he didn’t have a time to speak with Cosima or anyone else as they processed Kendall’s death.  But Delphine is still an ally to the clones.

The Antisocialism of Sex- Art with S

I don’t buy for a minute that Felix wouldn’t have at least told S about what Krystal said.  Hell, Art was with S earlier in the episode to talk about Detective Duko.  Sure, there wouldn’t have been a reason to bring up Krystal, but if there’s some news about Delphine, why wouldn’t he tell her?  You don’t even have to tell Cosima directly, but I’m baffled that neither Art nor Felix brought this up to anyone.

The Antisocialism of Sex- Scott reacts to Cosima only referring to Delphine as her lab partner

Had Scott not said anything, Cosima would have gone through with this risky surgery.  And by the way, good on Scott for stepping up and not letting Cosima walk over him.  He may not be to Cosima what Delphine is, but damn it, he’s proven his worth and loyalty to Cosima and the clone family.  He deserves better treatment from Cosima at this point.

The Antisocialism of Sex- Cosima operates on herself

As for Cosima, I’m glad that she also gets time to grieve, as she pushed for Sarah to make this deal, which soon led to Kendall’s kidnapping and execution.  But she shows major initiative by putting her life at risk when she attempts to put the bot into her mouth.

It’s a bold move that could have killed her, so while not the smartest idea, I appreciate that we see she’s just as willing to put everything on the line for the sake of the clones.  She’s not just the geek of the group.  And while it was plot convenience that Scott jogged Felix’s memory about Delphine, at least Cosima has some semblance of happiness.

History Yet to be Written- Delphine gets shot

But it makes you wonder: if Delphine is alive, who has her?  And has anything happened to her?  Questions for later.

The Antisocialism of Sex- Reverend Mike with Alison

The introduction of Reverend Mike could be interesting for Alison, who, despite not having much of a connection to Kendall- I don’t remember if they ever even met- also grieves for the loss of someone in her extended family.  It’s nice to see her defenses drop for a moment.  She’s less a busybody and more someone in mourning.  Too bad the police had to bust the birthday party.

My issue with the Alison and Donnie is less that we saw them and more in which there scenes were presented.  We kept cutting back and forth between this and Sarah at the bar and I found it very jarring.  Just have the entire scene play out.  By cutting back and forth, there’s some humorous juxtaposition, yes, but the episode felt less focused to me during those moments.

The Antisocialism of Sex- Detective Duko speaks with Alison

It also feels like the only reason we got Alison and Donnie this week was to have them meet Detective Duko, who must have Wolverine’s quick healing factor, given how fine he looked after Art assaulted him.

The Antisocialism of Sex- Rachel paints with Charlotte

Even Rachel faces a setback not just with the death of the original, but because Evie won’t have her meddling in her plans.  And like Seth before her, she’s glitching.  Her chance at a cure is gone and she knows that Charlotte’s not long for this world, based on her illness.  Despite how cold Rachel has been in the past, she’s still not an absolute monster.

The Antisocialism of Sex- Beth watches Sarah spiral downward

All of these emotions from the clones stem back to an impressive performance by Maslany, as she goes through various cycles as different characters and makes it all look effortless.  It’s a good way to tell the story by letting the characters show their emotions, even if sometimes those feelings are spelled out for us.

The Antisocialism of Sex- Sarah and S reconcile

My favorite moment of the episode has to be one of the final scenes.  Sarah and S sit down and reconcile.  We know that they said things they regretted, they’re both reeling from a heavy loss, and everyone they know and love is at a low moment right now.  They know exactly what the other is feeling, but it’s all conveyed without a single word of dialogue.  Just silent acknowledgement.  I love it.

Despite my reservations about some of the editing in the episode, as well as Felix and Art’s sudden forgetfulness concerning Delphine, “The Antisocialism of Sex” was a very good episode that showed Clone Club processing a major defeat and loss of a cure.

Seeing Sarah spiral to the point of near suicide, Cosima attempt to sacrifice herself for a greater good, and Alison grieve were all great moments made strong due to Maslany’s versatility as an actress.

But with news of Delphine possibly being alive, Evie continuing her power play, Donnie’s arrest, and M.K.’s surprise communication with Kira- does she have her own computer?- make for hopefully good payoffs in the episodes to come.

A Look at Orphan Black- Season 4, Episode 6: “The Scandal of Altruism”

Some huge happenings on this episode of Orphan Black, as the chase for the original continues while we dig more into Beth’s story before her tragic end.  But by episode’s end, she won’t be the only clone going through a tragedy.

The Scandal of Altruism- Beth spots Susan Duncan talking with Evie Cho

The episode begins in the past with Beth and her stupid wig entering a fancy looking nightclub.  She’s still popping pills.  In the distance, she spots Susan Duncan and Evie Cho talking.  As Beth approaches, she bumps into a waiter, causing the drink to spill onto Susan.

The Scandal of Altruism- Beth confronts Susan Duncan

As Susan washes up, Beth approaches and points her gun at Susan, saying she knows everything.

The Scandal of Altruism- Ira thinks that Susan is testing him

In the present, as Ira and Susan reminisce, Ira realizes that Susan is testing him for glitching.  It’s been a few months since his cognitive exam, so Ira wants to be tested, but Susan is confident that he’ll never have to be tested again if Sarah Manning listens to reason.

The Scandal of Altruism- Cosima and Sarah discuss potentially handing over Kendall to Neolution

Cosima tells Sarah about potentially handing over Kendall for research in exchange for the bot being removed from Sarah’s mouth.  Plus, the two sides can collaborate on a cure since Scott and Cosima’s research hasn’t isn’t going well.  Sarah knows that S will say no, so they’ll have to set it up first.  After all, this is their decision.

However, Sarah doesn’t want to help kill Castor.  If Neolution gets Kendall’s genome, then they’ll have the sterilizing pathogen again.  Cosima may have a workaround for that.

The Scandal of Altruism- Art speaks with Krystal

At the police station, Art spots Krystal asking for protective custody.  He distracts Detective Duko from noticing her and thanks him for the information about Alison’s drug dealing.  Once Duko leaves, Art speaks with Krystal.

She tells him about her adventures in Brightborn and how she feels that she’s being targeted because she’s a beauty professional.  Okay, sure.  Art asks Krystal if Leda means anything- Krystal just likes their eyeliner.

The Scandal of Altruism- Sarah makes a deal with Susan and Evie

So Sarah shows up at Brightborn and tells Evie that she’s got an army outside waiting in case something goes wrong.  Sarah is brought before Susan Duncan and Ira, who assures Sarah that he’s not a Castor clone, but a Libra.  Susan tells Sarah that she’s safe here.  Before talking, Sarah wants to know about the device.  Evie says that they differ, depending on the subject.  Sarah’s is making her sick.  Sarah is immune to the disease.

By activating specific genes, Susan hopes to isolate the illness.  It hasn’t flicked off the right switch yet because Sarah is still alive.  The bot can removed and work can begin on a cure, but only if Sarah shares Kendall.  Only her unique biology makes cloning possible.  But Sarah knows that the cells could give Sarah the Castor pathogen.  Sarah says that Kendall, though, has cancer.

The Scandal of Altruism- S learns that Kendall has cancer

At the same time, Kendall shares this news with S, who wants to get help, but Kendall says that it’s too late.  Plus, it’s not up to S.  Cosima then shares that Kendall’s cancer might save them.  Half her cells are Castor, the other half Leda.

No way to differentiate until now.  One of her white blood cells multiply like crazy, and all of those are clones of the original.  The first one is the Leda genome.  If those leukemia cells are isolated, Brightborn only gets Leda, not Castor.

Ira figures this out at the same time, but Susan still appears to be open to this.  She agrees to the terms, but wants to be present during the transfer and wants Cosima’s disease research to be transferred to her hard drive.  Ira tells Sarah that she’s not the first Leda to make it this far.  Beth made it this far, Susan says, but she was wrong about her potential enemy

The Scandal of Altruism- Beth still pointing her gun at Susan

The episode then flashes back to Beth still pointing her gun at Susan, who says that she is her creator and investor.  Susan brings up Beth’s family history and how much her mother wanted a baby.  Susan guided the clones, not manipulated them.

Beth forces Susan to her knees.  If she kills her, it’s over.  But if Susan dies, she can’t protect the clones from her own mistakes.  Whatever Beth thinks she knows, she must believe that Susan has devoted her life to sustaining hers.  Beth orders Susan to close her eyes.  After a moment, nothing happens.  Susan turns to see that Beth has fled.

The Scandal of Altruism- S upset that Sarah bartered behind her back

Back in the present, S is livid that Sarah made a deal behind her back, even if Kendall agreed.  After all, S just reunited with her mother.  S will do her part, but still feels that Sarah is putting everyone at risk.

The Scandal of Altruism- Scott and Cosima ready to hand over their work

Scott and Cosima gather their data, but Cosima is unsure whether giving up the information is a win or surrender.  Scott is confident that the two would have found a solution with more time.

The Scandal of Altruism- Susan promises to find a way for Ira

Ira knows that Susan needs the clones to build a better human, but he’s apparently expendable.  He wants to be with Susan, so she promises to find a way for him as well.

The Scandal of Altruism- Art tells Sarah that Krystal is still investigating

Sarah talks with Art about the footage.  They’re uncertain why Beth had blood on her hands if she didn’t kill Susan.  After Art mentions Krystal, Sarah offers to bring in Felix for help.  Art warns Sarah to watch her back.

The Scandal of Altruism- Felix tells S that Adele went home

To my surprise, Felix is willing to help out, even though he’s still miffed about Sarah prying into his bonding with Adele, who has gone home.  S wants to make things right by having Adele return with the rest of the family and be there for Kendall.

The Scandal of Altruism- Scott works on Kendall

It’s time for the transfer to begin.  Susan is brought in and meets Kendall, who Susan calls a true anomaly and the most valuable person in the world right now.

The Scandal of Altruism- Evie and Cosima work on Sarah's mouth

At the same time, Sarah and Cosima meet with Evie for the bot extraction.  Cosima is supervising just because, while Evie talks about the implant’s features.  However, Evie soon finds herself unable to extract without potentially releasing the toxin.  With a careful touch, Cosima and Evie manage to pull out the bot.

Scott aspirates the cancer cells.  Sarah updates S while Susan thanks Kendall for giving everyone a better future.  Kendall is whisked out, but soon, someone approaches with a knife.

The Scandal of Altruism- Felix Holmes helps Art with Krystal

Art is still playing babysitter to Krystal, but he soon gets backup from Inspector Felix Holmes.  Krystal instantly recognizes him as the man who stole her wallet, which is true.  Felix reminds her that she’s not alone, but she still maces him anyway.  Some people shouldn’t be allowed to have mace.

The Scandal of Altruism- Sarah and S believe that Susan took Kendall

Sarah returns, but she spots the pack of cigarettes and a trail of blood.  She rushes upstairs and bleaches everything, believing Susan to be the culprit.  But Susan maintains that she played no part in whatever happened to Kendall.

The Scandal of Altruism- Cosima asks Evie about Delphine

Cosima, still at Brightborn, is in the middle of listening to Evie talk about the bot.  Cosima is about to hand over her research, but first, she wants to know what happened to Delphine.  Since that’s Dyad, Evie isn’t all that familiar outside of Delphine’s dedication to Cosima.  Cosima hands over the hard drive, but also swipes the bot.  And then she gets a call just as Evie learns that Susan has gone dark.

The Scandal of Altruism- Art works on Felix's eyes

Back to Art and Felix, who tells Krystal that there is indeed a big war waged against stem cell technology.  Such a war is being orchestrated by the cosmetic companies.  While the case is open, Krystal needs to live her life.  Krystal then mentions smacking a French doctor at the Dyad institute.  Felix identifies the doctor as Dr. Cormier.  As for what she can say, Krystal saw Delphine get shot.

The Scandal of Altruism- Sarah asks Susan if Ira would betray her to save himself

S demands to know where Susan is, though Sarah realizes that Ira would have a reason to betray Susan to save himself.  Susan surrenders her key card, so Sarah and Benjamin head off to find him.

The Scandal of Altruism- Sarah finds Ira overdosed in a tub

In no time at all, they arrive at a hotel room and find Ira glitching and overdosing in the tub.

The Scandal of Altruism- Detective Duko with Kendall

As for Kendall, she’s brought to a remote location by none other than Detective Duko, who is at least kind enough to offer her a cigarette.  Duko’s explanation is that he’s in over his head.  Kendall offers to hide him since her daughter is good at hiding people, but look where that got her now.

The Scandal of Altruism- Susan realizes that Evie has betrayed her

While Benjamin watches Ira at the hospital, S’s temper flares.  Scott, meanwhile, unplugs everything and cuts the power because all of the research, data, and all information has been wiped.  Sarah figures it’s a coup.  Whoever did this just wants Leda destroyed.  Susan guesses that it was the engineer and Sarah realizes that Evie gave Beth the gun to try and kill Susan.

Evie Cho soon arrives with Cosima at the secluded spot.

The Scandal of Altruism- Beth confronts Evie

We flash back again with Evie telling Duko that Beth didn’t kill Susan.  Beth soon confronts Evie, saying that Evie only wants to take Susan’s place.  Evie tells Beth that she knows too much.  If she runs, she won’t be able to protect the people she loves, so she should use the gun on herself.  But Beth isn’t afraid of anything right now- even death.  So she pistol whips Evie.

The Scandal of Altruism- Evie gives Cosima a moment to say goodbye to Kendall

In the present, Evie tells Cosima that she doesn’t see what Susan saw in the clones. They’re obsolete, like Betamax.  The baseline isn’t needed.  Cosima counters that no one can know what perfection is, but Evie will do just that.  She’ll be a pioneer.  Cosima pleads for Evie not to do this, but Evie gives Cosima a chance to say goodbye.  Kendall wants Cosima to tell S that she’s always done right and she is proud to have been a part of this.

As Cosima turns around, Duko finishes off Kendall with a single bullet and torches the van.  Evie tells Cosima that Delphine was shot dead.  She leaves a phone and gives Cosima some instructions: tell Susan that the original is dead and tell Sarah that this is over.  Otherwise, Beth died for nothing.

Again, no one thinks to finish off Cosima.  But then, that would make sense, and you’ve got to leave someone alive to deliver the message, right?

The Scandal of Altruism- Duko finds Beth with Evie

As Evie remembers being pistol whipped by Beth, Duko confronts her.  She asks if her sisters will die because of what she knows.  When asked about her play, Beth doesn’t answer.  Instead, she slips out and flees.  She returns home, blood on her hands, and tells M.K. that they can’t fight this anymore.  As we get a replay of her telling M.K. to keep the others safe, in the present, Cosima calls Sarah and gives her the bad news.

The episode comes to a close with Beth heading for the train station.

Well, shit.  That was a game-changer if I ever saw one.  Another aptly named episode, “The Scandal of Altruism” had its fair share of backstabbing and surprise reveals for our clones.  All moments that lead them to what might be their lowest moment yet.  In the face of a cure, not only have they been tripped up by an unexpected source in Evie, they’ve lost that original altogether.

The Scandal of Altruism- Beth asks Duko if her sisters will die because of what she knows

But we’ll get to that in a minute.  Let’s address Beth first, since I would wager this is the last time we’ll see her in flashbacks, based on how the episode ends.  Beth is embodying altruism in an extreme form here.  In addition to filling in the blanks on how she had blood on her hands, we see that she’s put herself at harm’s way by confronting both Susan and Evie.

Transgressive Border Crossing- Beth gives M.K. her gun

By having this take place before the scene we already saw of Beth bidding M.K. farewell, we see how she arrived at the point of doing what she felt was necessary to protect her sisters and all those close to her.  But it wasn’t enough.  Her increasing desperation and rage as she pistol whipped Evie showed that she had to be near her end.  It’s some nice, nonlinear storytelling that I appreciate.

All Beth wanted to do was uncover the truth and put this turmoil behind her, but like Krystal, she was in danger of getting too close.  In Beth’s case, she was at the point of no return.  She had to make the sacrificial play in the name of protecting her sisters.  She couldn’t eliminate Evie, but she could at least ensure her sisters’ safety.  Or so she hoped.

The Scandal of Altruism- Evie gives Cosima a message for Susan and Sarah

And this is my issue with the reveal of Evie being the supposed mastermind behind this.  So Evie had to remove Beth from the equation.  Okay, Mission Accomplished.  But if she’s been at both Leekie and Susan’s side this entire time, she had to know at least of Sarah’s existence.  More so when Sarah stepped into Beth’s shoes during the first season.  So why not follow up and get rid of the other clones?  Especially one as proactive as Sarah.

The Scandal of Altruism- Beth and Evie

There were bound to be some issues when the show gave us a pre-Season One story with Beth, but this makes it seem like Evie just dropped everything after Beth.  Okay, maybe it took some time for Evie to come to the conclusion that the clones were obsolete.  And maybe Evie couldn’t locate Sarah or Kendall, if not for M.K. tracking her.

The Scandal of Altruism- Evie not afraid to die

But she tells Beth that she’d find a way to take Susan’s place and that the clones were done.  She didn’t seem to be bothered by the fact that Beth almost killed her because Neolution would have finished the job of eliminating everyone close to Beth.  Why didn’t Evie just take the chance and do that when she found out that Beth killed herself?  Alison and Cosima didn’t seem to know as much, so they wouldn’t have done any snooping.

Just seems like the clear thing to do would be eliminate the other clones.  It’s another of those instance, I feel, where the villain has a clear chance to eliminate the opposition, but prefers to wait.

The Scandal of Altruism- Cosima after Kendall is killed

This extends to letting Cosima live.  I thought Duko would have just offed her, and it would have made perfect sense: she’s a witness and can at least identify Evie being at Kendall’s execution.  At the very least, Evie could let Cosima deliver that final message, and then kill her.

The Scandal of Altruism- Cosima is given one last moment with Kendall

Look, I’m not saying that I want Cosima to die, but if Evie feels the clones are so outdated, why keep Cosima alive?  Plus, she’s the clone who came closest to a cure through her research.  You kill her and you’ve given the clones another major setback.

The Scandal of Altruism- Kendall's final moment with Cosima

But then, they’re already at a low point.  I gotta say, killing off Kendall was a ballsy move that I appreciate.  She hasn’t even been around for a full season or had much to do, so she’s savored her time with the family.  However, as the key to it all, she ended up being expendable to Evie, who wants to focus on the perfect human being.  Even in the fact of death, Kendall’s resolve never wavered, which I like.

The Scandal of Altruism- Kendall and S

She was already dying, so there’d be no reason for her to become weak-willed, even when giving up a sample to Susan.  And killing her off hurts the clones and S, who was getting used to having her mother around in her life.  Kendall’s death, I’m sure, will spur S and Sarah into doing something drastic.

The Scandal of Altruism- Susan learns that Evie has betrayed her

That could potentially mean teaming with Susan Duncan, as she was as unaware as they were of Evie’s true goal.  Plus, they both want the same thing in a cure for the clones.  She’s not interested in the perfect human being, as far as I can tell.  Though a conversation or two between her and Evie would have helped set up that Evie planned a power play to topple Susan.  More so when Sarah was ready to pin the blame on Ira.

The Scandal of Altruism- Beth holds a gun to Susan's head

From her conversation with Beth, Susan had the clones’ best interests at heart.  She knew that her successor wouldn’t care for them like she did, but she didn’t count on Evie wanting to eliminate them altogether.  If I wanted to stretch, I’d say that Susan has just been a pawn in Evie’s long term plan to rise in power.  So now, her chance at justice may come in working with the clones.

The Scandal of Altruism- Cosima is not sure about giving up the data

A bit on Cosima, as she plays a more important role this episode.  I have to wonder, first off, if she and Scott didn’t take extra measure to safeguard and back up their data.  But also, she learns about Delphine’s apparent death.

The Scandal of Altruism- Krystal asks if Delphine is involved

I say apparent for two reasons: one, Delphine is still being brought up.  Two, Krystal asks if Delphine is involved in all of this, not was.  She says that she saw Delphine get shot, but not shot and killed.  It’s possible that Krystal went to help her, or I could be wrong and Delphine is still, in fact, dead, but the show keeps dancing around Delphine like it’s leading up to something.

The Scandal of Altruism- Krystal, Felix, and Art

Sticking with Krystal for a second, I’m glad that the scenes with her, Art, and Felix are kept to a minimum.  For a pretty serious episode, you need some humor, yes, but too much of it can take away from what else is happening.

To my delight, we don’t spend a ton of time with Krystal, but I’m glad that Felix is again trying to keep her safe and away from Clone Club.  That way, she can live her own life, free of this drama.  That and we don’t have a pointless appearance by Donnie or Alison, as they weren’t really needed.

While I have some issues with Evie’s actions, or lack thereof, “The Scandal of Altruism” is a very strong episode that put the Clone Club at a low point with Kendall’s death and the loss of Cosima and Scott’s research.  Though Cosima has that bot, so I’m expecting that to play a part down the line.   Evie is now center stage as the main antagonist as she sets out to create the perfect human being, leaving the clones without Kendall or a cure.

A Look at Orphan Black- Season 4, Episode 5: “Human Raw Material”

Time to bring Krystal back into the fold in “Human Raw Material”: a very good episode with equal parts funny and dramatic as the clones and their allies infiltrate Brightborn to learn more about what’s going on to get a sense of the bigger picture.  Less so with Sarah, who just can’t seem to catch a break.  But to be fair, she brought some of that on herself.

Human Raw Material- Krystal trains

The episode begins with Krystal taking out her aggression while kickboxing.  Being kidnapped has that effect on you.  She’s been doing research on DYAD and has found connections.  Her training has put her on a mission to be ready when it’s time.  If the background music wasn’t enough of an indication, Krystal is a warrior.  Expect these skills to come up later.  Otherwise, why show them?

Human Raw Material- Kira and Sarah paint a mural

We then cut to Kira and Sarah painting a mural on the bedroom wall when Sarah gets a text from Helena, who tells Sarah to not worry about her.  Kira is upset that her mother might leave, but Sarah does no such thing.

Human Raw Material- Sarah looks at Cosima and Alison's findings

Mrs. S. asks Sarah if she looked at the research that Cosima and Alison have on Brightborn, especially Evie Cho’s connection, but then Sarah finds that GeneConexion, owned by Brightborn, is the company Felix used to find his sister.

Human Raw Material- Alison talks with Cosima about entering Brightborn

Cosima and Alison discuss an upcoming Brightborn orientation.  Sarah is busy with family and Alison is busy, so Cosima offers to infiltrate Brightborn.  Great.  Donnie will pick her up.  In fact, he’s already dressed and ready to go.  Donnie thinks the baby is important for the role, but Alison disagrees.

Human Raw Material- Sarah invites Felix to dinner

Sarah and Kira pop by Felix’s place to invite him to dinner.  She brings up GeneConexion and its connection to Neolution.  On cue, Adele enters.  Kira finds it odd that Felix now has a father when he previously did not.

Human Raw Material- Cosima and Donnie enter Brightborn for an appointment

Time for Cosima and Donnie to put their plan into play.  Donnie is a chill, gay dude named Douglas that doesn’t want Cosima to play the lesbian angle too hard.  The two enter the Brightborn clinic for their appointment.  Cosima is now the surrogate parent.  She asks for a copy.  Turns out that the two could not have picked a better time to arrive: Evie Cho will be in the area.

Sarah, meanwhile, calls and asks asks Scott if he can do some DNA testing to learn if Adele is the real deal.  This is not going to go over well.

Human Raw Material- Evie Cho tells the visitors her story

Cosima and Donnie talk with some other parents just before Evie arrives and addresses the group.  She talks about her parents rolling the genetic dice.  Her immune system was compromised and she went through several different procedures, but the Cho family is stubborn.  In 1994, she entered a gene therapy trial and was in full remission by the time she graduated.

Human Raw Material- Adele teaches Kira how to dance

As Adele teaches Kira how to dance, Sarah swipes Kira’s hairbrush and drinking glass.  All of a sudden, it’s time for Sarah and Kira to leave so they can visit Scott.

Human Raw Material- Krystal arrives at Brightborn for her appointment

If Cosima and Donnie weren’t enough, Krystal soon arrives at Brightborn for her appointment.

Cho talks more about Brightborn babies and the fees that fund research and technology.  When Evie is finished, Dr. Bosch tells the parents to check their wristbands for their respective appointments and tours.

Human Raw Material- Susan and Ira arrive to speak with Evie

As Cosima heads off to snoop, Evie meets Susan Duncan and Ira, who are here to talk Sarah Manning and the incident at the dental clinic.  Susan doesn’t want Evie going after the clone that’s entered the clinic before she has a chance to see her first.

Human Raw Material- Donnie has to go shit

Donnie sits with a group of parents and holds a baby that takes a shining to him.  But once Krystal appears, so Donnie suddenly leaves to go…shit.  Okay, that was funny.  Cosima tries to slip into an elevator, but is caught by an employee.

Human Raw Material- Duko warns Art to let go of Beth

Detective Duko shows Art one of Alison’s election fliers.  Duko finds it uncanny how much Alison looks like Beth, though Art doesn’t see it.  Duko warns Art to not stick his neck out for the Hendrixes because of their involvement with the Pouchy triple homicide and drug pushing through their store.  He also advises Art to let Beth go right now.

Human Raw Material- Scott updates Sarah

Scott gives a temporary update when Sarah gets a call from Art, who asks about the Hendrix business and them dealing drugs out of Bubbles.  Sarah promises to deal with it, but Art tells her that she’s on her own for this.

Human Raw Material- Alison can't help out right now

Alison confirms that yes, she’s dealing in pharmaceutical drugs, which is no different from Sarah offloading a kilo of cocaine, even though Sarah claims that was for Kira’s sake.  Alison worries if Helena was mentioned, due to her having disappeared.  What’s more, Alison isn’t in the mood to deal with this since Helena was just dumped on her.  That part is at least true.

Human Raw Material- Susan speaks with Cosima

Susan, meanwhile, takes a seat next to Cosima.  Cosima notices that if parents don’t notify, their embryos become Brightborn’s property.  She manages to get Susan’s badge during a paper slip before turning the conversation back to babies and embryonic enhancements.

Susan says that the embryos are donated for technical research.  Brightborn has been successful with direct techniques like germline editing, which Cosima finds concerning.

Human Raw Material- Family dinner Part One

Sarah still wants Kira to talk about her dream, but Kira is saying nothing.  Felix and Adele have popped by for dinner- per Sarah’s invitation- and before Sarah can turn this family affair into an argument, S brings Sarah and Felix aside.

Human Raw Material- Cosima tells Donnie to stop Krystal

Donnie catches up with Cosima to tell her that there’s another clone at Brightborn that’s trying to have a baby.  Cosima tells Donnie to stop Krystal from screwing this up since she doesn’t know that she’s a clone.

Felix tells Sarah and S that they have no right to be suspicious.  Sarah spills that she poached Adele and Felix’s DNA to find out if Adele is the real deal.

Human Raw Material- Donnie sets up a quick appointment for Krystal

Speaking of poaching, Krystal does her own poaching when Donnie walks in on her.  She apparently needs a massage because she’s very tight, so Donnie schedules an appointment for her, right now.

Human Raw Material- Susan discusses the clones

Susan is disappointed to learn that the clone is not Sarah Manning, but Cosima, who is driven to learn the truth.  The last time a perceptive clone came by Brightborn, things did not go well.  Seems that things have gone too far.  Evie sends an employee to bring in the clone.

Human Raw Material- Donnie gives Krystal a massage

So Donnie gets to work on massaging Krystal, who talks about her life as a beautician.  The hardest people are pregnant women because they’re very self-centered.  Donnie confides that he finds Brightborn creepy, so Krystal, ready to trust this random masseuse, admits that she’s on an investigation.  She believes that Brightborn and the DYAD Institite are conducting human experiments in stem cells and cosmetics.

One woman, for example, got treatment in her face.  Every time she blinked, it clicked because she was growing teeth out of her eyelids.  Huh.  Krystal feels that she’s being targeted because she’s a whistleblower, like that guy who moved to Russia.  And then Krystal mentions a visit from a French doctor named Cormier.  And Donnie talks too much, says Krystal’s name without her telling him, and ends up on the floor.

Human Raw Material- Susan doesn't find Krystal to be a threat

Before Krystal can leave, she’s accosted by the employee sent by Evie and is escorted out.  Cosima, meanwhile, slips into scrubs and passes a woman in painful labor.  Susan, watching via surveillance camera, confirms that Krystal is a special subject who has some suspicions, but is harmless otherwise.

Human Raw Material- Family dinner Part Two

So yeah, that family dinner is tense.  Adele tries to apologize and shares her story when Sarah asks about Gene Connection.  Adele says that it’s cheap, though Sarah finds it odd that someone would just send off their genetic profile.  The dinner remains tense.  Sarah asks again why Adele chose GeneConexion, but Felix turns it and asks if Sarah is an asshole, or if it’s that thing in her face.

Felix’s attempt at a food fight is interrupted when Sarah gets a call.  Looks like the results stand: Adele is Felix’s sister.  Well, now I think it would be appropriate to call Sarah an asshole.

Human Raw Material- Krystal recognizes Ira

Back at Brightborn, Krystal spots and flips out when she recognizes Ira.

Human Raw Material- Cosima helps with a birth

Because Brightborn has lax security, Cosima slips into a room where she observes women being held.  She even snaps a few photos when a doctor walks by and asks her for help with a carrier.  She’s brought to a woman in excruciating pain and currently dilating.

Human Raw Material- Odd looking baby

As the woman pushes, she begs God for forgiveness and soon pushes out…well, an odd looking baby.  This confusing moment is cut short when Susan confronts Cosima.

Human Raw Material- Susan and Cosima talk human experiments

Evie and Susan talk with Cosima, who is livid that humans are being experimented on as they are- it’s trial and error without consent.  She’s horrified by the baby she saw.  Evie leaves so Susan can speak privately with Cosima: she apologizes for what’s happening.

Susan reminds Cosima, as sick as she is, that she created her, but did so to unlock the secrets of the human genome.  Susan is her Oncomice.  The alternative, the implants, is more brutish.  Susan tells Cosima that she is dying and doesn’t have the resources to save herself.  But share Kendall Malone’s genome and a cure can be made for everyone.

Human Raw Material- Sarah apologizes to Kira

Sarah apologizes for ruining Kira’s day.  No kidding, Sarah.  There’s suspicion and then there’s being a dick.  Kira tells Sarah that she knows how the other clones feel.  For example, when Cosima is sad, Helena is lonely, or Rachel is angry.  Some she can’t feel, though.  But those aren’t dreams.  Sarah doesn’t know what they are, though.

Human Raw Material- Susan and Ira

In a pool, Susan tells Ira that it’s up to them.  They are as close to the original as they ever have been to a cure.  The two kiss as the episode comes to a close.  Okay, that’s enough.

A lot of discoveries in this episode.  And “Human Raw Material” is more than just an aptly titled episode, given what Cosima discovers towards the end, but now that we’re at the halfway point of the season, the bigger story is taking more shape.

Human Raw Material- Donnie pleads for a calm Krystal

First off, it goes without saying that Krystal, Donnie, and Cosima aren’t the best when it comes to snooping.  I’m glad to see Krystal drawn back into the fold and though we haven’t spent much time with her this season up until this point, I instantly like where the show has taken her.  Last time, she was just concerned about a potential bigger picture.

Human Raw Material- Krystal hands Donnie an article

But now, she’s being proactive and doing her own investigation without even being aware of the other clones.  She refuses to just be a part of this larger story without getting to the bottom of what’s happening with Brightborn.  And given her reaction to Ira, she’s putting the piece together, bit by bit, but still isn’t fully in the loop.

Human Raw Material- Krystal kicks Donnie

However, for all her smarts and kickboxing work, she’s still not the sharpest knife in the drawer.  She just met Donnie and in the span of a few minutes, she was willing to talk about her work.  What if he really was a Brightborn employee?  Though Susan may find Krystal harmless, her intrusion and constant investigations can still make her a target.

Human Raw Material- Cosima disgusted with the Brightborn experimentation

Cosima might have the heaviest discovery when she sees that the women are kept like lab rats and experimented on as such.  This goes against everything she stands for as a scientist.  Even though she might want a cure, she’s unwilling to compromise her beliefs or accept Brightborn’s methods if they might help her.

Human Raw Material- Cosima confronted by Susan

Since Cosima has mostly been relegated to doing research and being in the lab this season, I’m glad she gets something important to do.  And her snooping around isn’t just to further Sarah’s story.  She gets to speak and argue with Susan about their different ideologies, but also gets put in a perplexing situation when Susan offers a cure in exchange for Kendall Malone.

Human Raw Material- Susan offers Cosima a way out

Now obviously, I don’t expect Cosima to turn over Kendall, but it would be interesting to see her grapple with the decision.  Plus, if Sarah isn’t above swiping DNA for a test, who is to say the other clones are saints?

Human Raw Material- Sarah tells Felix about the DNA test

That brings me to Sarah, who can’t catch a break because she’s not around to help infiltrate Brightborn, she doesn’t get to spend the time with Kira that she wants, Art reams her out over Alison’s drug pushing, and now she’s pretty much wrecked her friendship and relationship with Felix over a hunch.

Human Raw Material- Sarah admits that Felix and Adele are related

Sarah has every reason to be suspicious, yes, but that doesn’t give her the right to be an outright asshole and swipe Adele’s DNA.  She ends up with egg on her face in an already tense, but well-acted, dinner scene.  I don’t expect Sarah’s suspicions to go away altogether, but for right now, she cocked up and, in Felix’s eyes, stood in the way of a familial bond.

Human Raw Material- Felix pissed at Sarah

And though Sarah has a reason to suspect Adele, Felix has every reason to trust Sarah even less now.  His anger felt restrained just because he didn’t want to make a scene, but the look on his face when Sarah learns that he’s related to Adele just spells that he’s appalled at what she’s done.  A very uncomfortable moment.

Human Raw Material- Susan and Ira kiss

But not as uncomfortable as Susan and Ira kissing.  Awkward as that moment was, I love how the music sort of started sounding distorted and off-key, as if to illustrate the oddness of the moment.

“Human Raw Material” delivered both with comedy in the Brightborn infiltration and the dramatic with Cosima’s discovery, Sarah dealing with her many screw-ups in an attempt to have a calm moment this episode, and Susan revealing more about Brightborn’s intentions.  We’re at the halfway point of the season, so here’s hoping the momentum keeps building as we learn more and more about the bigger picture.

A Look at Orphan Black- Season 4, Episode 4: “From Instinct to Rational Control”

You know that line from Clerks about life being a series of down endings?  Well, “From Instinct to Rational Control” had a number of downer endings.  That didn’t make it a bad episode, mind you, and by episode’s end, we learn even more about the larger plan to create a more perfect human being.

From Instinct to Rational Control- M.K. at work

The episode begins with M.K.’s morning routine of looking into DYAD employees and cross-referencing them with Topside’s Board of Directors.  She’s stumped on Ferdinand, though.

From Instinct to Rational Control- Ferdinand makes breakfast at the safe location

Following this, Ferdinand is brought to a safe location, as S and Sarah don’t completely trust him.  However, he knows that Susan Duncan can remove the device from Sarah’s mouth.  In exchange, Ferdinand wants Rachel, whose message he can’t unscramble, but figures that Sarah’s mystery friend can.  Especially if she found her all the way in Iceland.

So Ferdinand whips up a kick-ass breakfast while talking up his love for Rachel.  Sarah says she’ll reach out to her source, but Ferdinand won’t get access.

From Instinct to Rational Control- Cosima and Scott examine Leekie's skull

With Leekie’s body at their disposal, Scott and Cosima get to work examining his skull.  They manage to find the bot inside a piece of flesh.

From Instinct to Rational Control- Trina tells Alison to stay away

At a café, after Alison’s brief chat with a friend, she receives a surprise visit from Trina, who mistakes her for Beth.  Trina is upset that Beth returned to Club Neolution and wants her to both drop this while mess and keep away from her.

From Instinct to Rational Control- Felix offers to help Alison

Felix stops by the safe house, now wondering why Sarah didn’t tell him about her Neolution implant.  S advises Felix to keep Adele free of all this business.  Easy enough.  Alison then calls Sarah and fills her in on her encounter with Trina and a fertility clinic she visited.

She’s apparently a carrier.  Though Alison is busy, Sarah asks her to pull her weight for once and visit the clinic.  With that in mind, Felix offers to lend her a hand.

From Instinct to Rational Control- Helena learns that Alison is jealous of her

At House Hendrix, Helena makes a collage of babies.  Donnie tells Helena about his and Alison’s unsuccessful attempts to conceive.  It was a difficult time, but more so for Alison.  Helena guesses that Alison is jealous, but Donnie tells Helena to avoid setting off Alison.  As if on cue, Donnie then gets a call from Alison, who needs to meet him.

From Instinct to Rational Control- Sarah shows M.K. the thumb drive with information she needs to access

Sarah goes to Dizzy, who confirms that M.K. got back to her regarding the implant.  Sarah heads in and speaks to M.K., via monitor, who again gives her three minutes.  She asks about the implants, but Beth told M.K. nothing about her investigations.  M.K. is surprised to learn that Susan Duncan is still alive.

Without mentioning Ferdinand, Sarah presents Rachel’s message.  Sarah will show M.K. the flash drive, but only if they meet in person.  M.K. relents and agrees to meet in one hour.  After some encryption, M.K. learns from the message that Susan Duncan is indeed alive.

From Instinct to Rational Control- Alison briefs Donnie and Felix on the clinic

Outside the fertility clinic, Alison briefs Donnie and Felix on just about everything, as they’ll be posing as parents to see if this clinic is a Neolution front.  And Since Beth has already been inside, Alison can’t go.

From Instinct to Rational Control- Felix and Donnie at the clinic

That leaves Felix and Donnie to enter the clinic, but Donnie lays it on a bit too thick.  Felix tells Donnie that if he can’t tell who is gay, don’t act gay.  Donnie is first to enter an office to deliver a sperm sample.

He spots a mutual friend, Portia Grossman, played by Lindsey Connell, who is pregnant and he relays the surprising news to Alison.  When it’s time for Donnie to provide a sperm sample, he calls Alison to help get his motor running on the phone.  It’s as over the top as you’d expect and even has a swelling musical score to accompany the moment.

From Instinct to Rational Control- Scott and Cosima find the worm

Well, that was pleasant.  Scott and Cosima who finally extract and examine the worm from Leekie’s skull.  It has a synthetic cord, but there’s no way to tell if it’s alive.  But the bigger question is why Leekie had one in the first place.

From Instinct to Rational Control- Rachel talks with Ira about Charlotte

Ira tells Rachel that Charlotte is the youngest subject to develop symptoms, but Charlotte is unaware of her condition.  Susan suggested immunosuppressive therapy for her- the one that inducted rapid onset in one Jennifer Fitzsimmons.  But since Charlotte is just a child, her auto-immune response might be easier to control.  Ira promises to bring Rachel’s concerns to Susan.

Hacker M.K. works on encrypting the file when she lands on information regarding Ferdinand.  At the same time, Ferdinand talks with S about becoming a family man with Rachel at his side.  His dreams rest with Sarah now, though.

Sarah returns to Beth and Paul’s studio, where M.K. calls to tell her that Ferdinand is Topside. Sarah isn’t concerned with that, though M.K. doesn’t want to work with Ferdinand and her trust of Sarah is now in question.

From Instinct to Rational Control- Portia Grossman, played by Lindsey Connell, tells Alison to ask for the Britghtborn treatments

Alison sort-of runs into Portia to talk about fertility.  She asks if Portia and her husband tried something new, as Alison would do or pay anything to conceive.  She’s not exactly getting any younger- she just wants to have her own baby.  Portia encourages Alison to go back inside and ask for the Brightborn Treatments.

From Instinct to Rational Control- Dr. Bosch, played by Dmitry Chepovetsky, talks with Donnie and Felix

At the same time, Donnie and Felix speak with Dr. Bosch, played by Dmitry Chepovetsky.  The two are thrilled to work with the clinic and open to any new technology.  Donnie asks Bosch about the Brightborn treatments, and that gets Bosch’s attention.  The doctor makes a phone call to have Brightborn packages brought to his office.

From Instinct to Rational Control- Dizzy gives Sarah some information about M.K.

Sarah returns to Dizzy, as she’s out of options for help.  Dizzy, though, wants to know what’s going on with Sarah and M.K.  After all, he’s got friends wrapped up in this mess, too.  When it seems like Sarah won’t talk, she soon admits that she’s one in a long line of about 22 clones.  Dizzy accepts this.

He met with M.K. three times in person, but each time, she had different license plates on her car.  After looking through the DMV, Dizzy found that the plates are all default.  And she works at three scrapyards in the city.  Spotting one close to Beth, Sarah heads off and Dizzy decides to join, as he figures that M.K. could be dangerous.

From Instinct to Rational Control- Helena buries the liquid nitrogen

Helena speaks to and then buries liquid nitrogen in the garden because she has babies inside of her now.  She then bids farewell to the Hendrix family and heads off.  Well, that was somber.

From Instinct to Rational Control- Sarah and Dizzy inside of M.K.'s trailer

Dizzy and Sarah arrive at a junkyard and enter the trailer.  An impatient Sarah throws a brick through one of the windows so she can enter the trailer with ease, but Dizzy spots some wiring attached to a pressure plate bomb.  The two step around it and begin looking for any information about Susan Duncan.

From Instinct to Rational Control- Susan, Charlotte. and Rachel

Susan, meanwhile, examines Rachel, who asks about Charlotte’s condition.  She gives the young girl another message- Susan conveniently didn’t turn around during this moment- before sending the girl off to play.  Susan has one option for Charlotte, though Rachel knows that if Charlotte went untreated, her data set could be useful for the others, including Ira.

From Instinct to Rational Control- Sarah finds one of M.K.'s computers

As Dizzy works on cracking M.K.’s computer, Sarah finds a computer that has a photo of M.K. with a friend.  Dizzy cracks the computer and the two learn that M.K. most recently tracked and tapped Sarah’s every move.  Meanwhile, Ferdinand questions S’s tactics when she gets a text from Sarah, who wants Ferdinand to meet her.

From Instinct to Rational Control- Scott and Cosima find green fluorescent proteins on the flesh

Scott calls Cosima over to see that there’s green fluorescent proteins on the flesh, which means someone is using them as markers to track gene expression.  It’s a gene therapy system that could be changing Sarah’s DNA.

From Instinct to Rational Control- M.K. shows Ferdinand her slide show

So Ferdinand heads to Beth’s flat and finds not Sarah, but a woman wearing a sheep mask while on a computer screen.  M.K. tells Ferdinand that she has information about Rachel and Sarah Duncan.  Once Ferdinand sits down, though, a device activates.  M.K. steps out and tells him to remain seated so she can play her slide show.

And then Ferdinand realizes that M.K., or as he calls her, Veera Suominen, is the one clone that escaped the purge.  M.K.’s friend, Niki, though, was not so lucky.  She was burned alive and her family gassed.  More than that, six of M.K.’s sisters and 32 of her friends were killed.

From Instinct to Rational Control- Sarah asks Dizzy for his car

As this happens, Dizzy figures that if M.K. anything on Susan, it’s been wiped by now.  Sarah then finds an article on Helsinki and calls S, only to learn that Ferdinand is with M.K. As Sarah rushes off, she gets a call from Cosima in regards to the bots.

From Instinct to Rational Control- Sarah pleads with M.K. to spare Ferdinand's life

Now there’s nothing stopping Ferdinand from just standing up and taking M.K. to Hell with him, but M.K.’s slide show finally ends on Rachel.  She douses him on gasoline just as Sarah enters.  M.K. tells Sarah that Ferdinand needs to pay.  Sarah might think Ferdinand is scum, but he did save her life and is key to helping out with the bots.

You know how, in these scenarios, the captured target offers to negotiate with money?  Well, Ferdinand does just that and M.K. immediately accepts his wire transfer of 3.7 million.  Okay, done.  When the transfer ends, M.K. leaves.  Sarah is livid that M.K. used her.  Beth and Nicki are dead, but what about the remaining clones?  For that, M.K. offers a weak sorry before leaving.

S arrives to diffuse the bomb.  Though Ferdinand is now short of funds, S is confident that he’ll find a way to make due.  Ferdinand stands up.  Well, at least this isn’t the end of James Frain.

From Instinct to Rational Control- Susan needs to go away again

Susan visits Rachel to talk.  The Immunosuppressive therapy probably won’t treat Charlotte.  However, Charlotte’s data has more value than her life.  For that, Rachel agrees to not intervene.  Susan, though, needs to go away again.  She gives Rachel the message that she gave Charlotte, indicating that she knows about her communication with Ferdinand.

From Instinct to Rational Control- Felix and Cosima watch video on Birthright

Felix brings a CD to Cosima and the two watch the video on Brightborn Technologies.  CEO Evie Cho talks about how Brightborn can help with provide families with the best chance at a fast conception, smooth pregnancy, and healthy and thriving newborn.  All of Brightborn’s children are born stronger and healthier.  Brightborn is making the world a better place, one baby at a time.

Well, this was kind of a downer episode.  Not that it was bad, but a lot of disappointment for the characters in this week’s Orphan Black.  That’s out of the ordinary since it becomes harder and harder for them to trust people, even allies, but in this situation, “From Instinct to Rational Control” spent a lot of time devoted to frustration.

From Instinct to Rational Control- Alison wants to have children

While Donnie and Alison are often used as the comic relief, and still are in this episode, we spend more time learning about their frustration of being unable to produce a child.  It’s one thing when Helena turned out to be pregnant with twins, but it’s another when Alison learns about Portia.  When Alison talks about not getting any younger and wanting to have a kid, you can tell that she’s wanted this opportunity long denied to her.

From Instinct to Rational Control- Donnie talks to Alison about Donnie

And Donnie shares her disappointment, but he’s not going to let that cloud the excitement over Helena’s pregnancy.  When he tells Helena to avoid setting off Alison, I see it more as cautionary than admonishing.  Donnie clearly cares for Helena, but if the past is any indication, he knows that Alison is quick to brash decisions and judgment calls.

From Instinct to Rational Control- Helena and Donnie talk

So even though Helena will soon have two children to call her own, she’s not allowed to make that much of a fuss over it.  Which makes it all the sadder when she buries the liquid nitrogen and leaves the Hendrix home.  This scene makes Helena a lot more sympathetic, in my opinion.  She was a loner and assassin that found family.  And once more, she’s able to do what many clones cannot: bear children.

From Instinct to Rational Control- Helena leaves the Hendrix home

And now she can’t fully embrace that happiness because of how it will affect Alison.  I think that’s unfair to Helena because Alison at least has a family of her own.  All Helena had was a scorpion.  I’m sure she’ll be back, but I’m curious where she’s even going.  Plus, it would suck if she went into labor and had no one on hand to help her.

From Instinct to Rational Control- Felix and Donnie pretend to be a couple

But back to the Hendrix family for a second: it’s nice to see them a bit more involved, even though they’re once again used to further Sarah’s storyline by finding out about the clinic.  It kept Alison involved instead of making her the constant fusspot   It also gave Donnie and Felix some funny moments when they pretended to be a gay couple.  Not to mention Donnie’s explosive orgasm.

From Instinct to Rational Control- Sarah pleads with M.K. to stay

Sarah finds herself in M.K.’s situation with Beth back in the premiere: her confidant is about to walk out on her and doesn’t want to look back.  Sarah knows that Ferdinand is scum, but she also knows that he saved her life and he’s key to helping learn more about Susan and Rachel.  As far as we can tell, his only motivation right not is reuniting with Rachel, not be a nuisance to the clones.

From Instinct to Rational Control- M.K. about to walk out on Sarah

However, M.K. already had problems trusting people, and it hurts even more when we learn about Ferdinand’s involvement with the death of M.K.’s friend, Niki.  If M.K. needed any more of a reason to keep her distance from Sarah, she found it upon learning that she and Ferdinand worked together.

From Instinct to Rational Control- Ferdinand and M.K.

That said, even though she has a right to be angry, she doesn’t give Sarah much of a chance to explain the situation.  Because this revelation about Niki comes at the tail end of the episode, it feels a bit out of left field and seems like a way to give M.K. a longstanding grudge against Ferdinand.  But Ferdinand isn’t saying things like Niki deserved it.  I don’t even think he knew about M.K. still being alive until now.

What I’m saying is that M.K. appears to be an unhinged clone, given how many security precautions she has and bombs she can fashion.  It’d be asking too much of her to calm down and talk out the situation with Sarah and Ferdinand and I get the sense that it will take a lot for her to trust Sarah or come to her for help.

From Instinct to Rational Control- Rachel and Susan talk about Charlotte's life

Rachel’s bond with Charlotte also takes a disappointing turn when she appears to accept that letting the girl die will be vital for the survival of the others.  I like the combative nature of the relationship between Rachel and Susan.  Rachel clearly despises her mother, but Susan always appears to be one step ahead and looking at a bigger picture.  Such a picture, I imagine, will involve Brightborn.

With all that said, this was still a very good episode, particularly for Helena, M.K., and Alison.  With the introduction of Brightborn, we have some follow-up on Susan’s words about creating the perfect human being.  And Evie Cho being the CEO of Brightborn shows that Leekie’s legacy lives on in her.  But what to do now that M.K. is in the wind again, even more questioning of Sarah?