A Look at Masters of Sex- Season 3, Episode 5: “Matters of Gravity”

Time to meet the parents.  That and see what it’s like when a grown man goes toe-to-toe with a kid bully.  “Matters of Gravity” is a very good episode that moves at a good pace and puts Bill and Virginia back at the university where they first started their journey.  And on that, remember how we got those sort of awkward, but sort of funny sexual demonstrations in the first season?  Time to return to those.

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A Look at Masters of Sex- Season 3, Episode 4: “Under Influence”

So, your book is on the shelves, but what happens when the sales aren’t coming in as fast as you’d like?  Is it necessary to make love face to face to prove that you care for someone?  And how annoying is it when your friend keeps quoting Dale Carnegie?

As Bill and Virginia try to find new ways to market their books, they have a run-in with an old friend while Tessa continues to struggle, Libby takes a stand, and Barton grapples with his identity and honesty.  Welcome to “Under Influence.”

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