A Look at Veep- Season 5, Episode 5: “Thanksgiving”

You would think that anyone would want to take a brief leave of absence after the death of a loved one.  Well, given the ongoing recount, that might not apply to Selina Meyer. But even though she’s committed to winning this race, on Thanksgiving of all days, the country is less interested in Selina’s desire to win the race and more her opinion on the salmonella outbreak.  It’s important to prioritize.  This is “Thanksgiving.”

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A Look at Parks and Recreation- Season 6, Episode 6: “Filibuster”

“I am not a sore loser.  It’s just that I prefer to win and when I don’t, I get furious.”

More wise words from Ron Swanson.

After a brief hiatus, Parks and Recreation returns to television with Leslie Knope making a grand stand, as well as some fun at a roller rink with the rest of the cast.

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