A Look at Fargo- Season 2 Finale: “Palindrome”

And so it’s come to this: the second season finale of Fargo.  “The Castle” gave us that hotel massacre and added to the large body count that Lou spoke of one season prior, so with all that in mind, where do you go from here?  Ed and Peggy are still on the run with Hanzee on their heels, while Lou Solverson, unaware of his wife’s condition, continues his pursuit.  Who will make it out in the end?  Let’s take a look.

This is “Palindrome.”

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A Look at Fargo- Season 1 Finale: “Morton’s Fork”

Oftentimes, game-changers come from people we don’t expect. These people aren’t the most bombastic or the type that want attention, but can be the quietest or most reflective. All it takes is one change to turn the normal into frantic or inhuman, as has been the case since Lorne Malvo came to Bemidji.

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