A Look at Orphan Black- Season 5, Episode 5: “Ease for Idle Millionaires”

Perhaps it’s time for Cosima to slow things down a bit.

The episode begins with Cosima working on the tooth that Charlotte showed her while, at the same time, we see a man in the woods as he finds a hidden pack of cigarettes.  He soon happens upon an egg shell.  He hears a noise and screams when something rushes out of the woods towards him.

Cosima, meanwhile, waits for the results.  The episode then flashes back to Cosima telling Delphine that she’s intellectual property, but Delphine says none of this matters.  Cosima isn’t too certain whether Delphine is on her side, given how Delphine was paid to lie to her.  But Delphine reminds Cosima that she will always protect her.  Still, Cosima hates that her body is someone else’s property- even her integrity.

As things get hot and heavy between the two, Cosima awakens to realize this wasn’t real. Heh. Perhaps she should check her pants to make sure she’s not wet.

The next day, Cosima heads out and finds the residents talking about a thing that’s apparently attacking them.  The heads say that it’s a bear, but no one buys this.  Cosima spots Aisha heading over to her mother and follows them into their tent.

She finds Aisha looking healthier and wants to examine her, but The Messenger apparently forbids that.  Even still, Aisha’s mother is okay with it.  Aisha shows Cosima her progress log.

On the other side of the world, S is off to the lab to see Scott and Hell-Wizard to talk about Westmoreland and Dr. Coady.  Kira doesn’t want Sarah and S to whisper, so the two tell her that they’re talking about Neolution.  S then leaves.

Back at Revival, Mud and a group of soldiers discuss this creature and how to deal with it. Everyone receives their orders, but Mud is content that this creature doesn’t want to hurt them.  Cosima tries to ask Mud for information and asks what PT did to make him violent.  Seems that this creature wasn’t always like this.  He used to live in the camp, but then people performed experiments on him.  So Mud freed him.

From a distance, Cosima spots Delphine heading into Westmoreland’s mansion.  Indeed, she is.

Susan, meanwhile, listens to Ira rant about people being on edge about the creature.  He just wants her to be careful.  Susan brings up the veteran in Sicily and wonders if Ira is glitching, but Ira assures Susan that he’s fine.

As PT injects Rachel, she tells him that surrogate selection is done and they’re waiting for implants.  PT tells her that she, more than anyone else, deserves Cosima’s inoculation.  He then asks her to pay Susan a visit to assure her loyalty.  Rachel wants the escapee killed, but the creature is important to Westmoreland.  No one can predict all outcomes.  After all, no one could’ve predicted Dr. Leekie would’ve been killed.

PT just needs some things clarified.  He calls Delphine into the room and congratulates her on the good work she’s done.  Delphine was hoping to head to Geneva this week, but everything will be revealed tonight.  Right now, PT tells Delphine that Cosima crosses lines and threatens certain research.

So Rachel and Susan come face-to-face.  Susan knows that Rachel doesn’t trust her, but she’s the only one she can trust.  She wants her life’s work to go on for a long time, and that’s Rachel.  Even though Susan once thought a clone couldn’t have autonomy, Rachel has shown restraint in securing Kira Manning in her care.  She jabs the spot where she stabbed Susan and reminds her that she is PT’s right hand.

Delphine pays Cosima a visit and tells her that PT and Rachel want her for a meeting.  Cosima wants to know what Delphine has been up to, so Delphine gives a bullshit cover story.  Cosima shows Delphine Aisha’s progress log.  Dr. Leekie did similar research in mice.

Speaking of mice, Kira tells Sarah about how you’re supposed to hold mice by their tails.  Sarah then tells Kira about her visit to see Helena and wants to talk about this connection that Kira feels.  Sarah wants Kira to teach her about this feeling, and in exchange, Sarah will tell Kira about all the grown-up stuff.

Mrs. S. goes to Scott and Hell-Wizard as the three chart out all of PT’s life.  When Neolution was revived in the 1950s, this is when Dr. Coady eventually met Susan Duncan.  They need benefactors and connections.  The key is finding out if the PT Westmoreland of way back when is the same one of today.

Delphine looks through Cosima’s research when the sequencing finally completes.  Delphine asks whose DNA is in the sequencer, so Cosima shows her the tooth that Charlotte gave her.

Mud and one of the hunters head into the woods to find this creature.  She still believes this thing isn’t a monster, but the hunter is just concerned with protecting his family.

Cosima and Delphine continue looking comparing Aisha’s results with the creature.  Delphine tells Cosima to stop and tells her to stop digging because she’s risking what Delphine is doing on the outside.  What is that work?  Delphine can’t say.  She tells Cosima that Rachel has access to Kira.

Then the Messenger arrives and tells Delphine that she’s been summoned for dinner.  Though Cosima isn’t invited, she brings up that she’s found Westmoreland’s fountain.

So Cosima is now invited to dinner.  She and Delphine come to the mansion and are told by The Messenger that they must dress up for the dinner, much as Cosima doesn’t like that.  Still, Delphine tells her to stop asking questions and just play along for Kira’s sake.

So the two dress up and join the others, though Cosima is surprised to find Susan alive.  As PT brings Delphine in, he tells Cosima that Rachel will be joining them shortly.  PT knows that Cosima is onto him, which is why she’s been invited to dinner.  While Mud and the other villager continue exploring, Susan tells Cosima that all of the creatures in the mansion are a result of taxidermy.

Darwin learned it from a free slave, according to PT, though Cosima continues to drink and correct PT until he asks her about her parents: Sally and Gene.  Cosima reveals that her parents still think she’s in school in Minnesota.  She hasn’t spoken to them in a long time, but they’re still in love and love Cosima.

Though Cosima hasn’t told them that she’s sick.  If she did, she’d crack and have to admit everything.  So then her parents would know that everything is a lie.  PT admires the balance Cosima has, and then it’s time for Rachel to arrive.

Since this episode apparently had nothing for her to do, Sarah talks with Kira about the clone code names when Mrs. S. arrives to learn that Kira wants to be in on the action by hustling.  After all, they’re finding ways to be safe and hope to gain Rachel’s trust.  S wonders how, and Kira says that involves learning what Rachel wants.

It’s lin-28A, as Rachel reveals at dinner. Cosima knows that the isolation involves Kira, and she brings up how this involves Aisha as well.  PT knows, courtesy of Delphine, that Cosima has been in his basement.  And it’s now time for Delphine to leave for Geneva, so that’s the end of that reunion.

In private, Cosima is livid, but Delphine did this so she could go to Geneva and meet up with Felix and Adele.  Delphine reminds Cosima of when she revealed that she was sick.  Cosima realizes that she pushes too hard and Delphine does things without her consent.  They can fight or accept things as is.  The two kiss and Delphine sees that Cosima has accepted.  Delphine tells Cosima to go back in and keep up the act.

Back in the woods, Mud and the villager approach a cabin and find nothing, but then the creature approaches and kills the villager.  He then begins to strangle Mud, but soon lets her go and retreats back into the woods.  The other villagers soon join up with Mud and find the dead hunter’s body.

Looking at the tooth, PT tells the dinner company about how he first found the subject, whom he calls his greatest regret.  Susan, meanwhile, synthesized the gene to see if it would manifest.  It didn’t.  The Messenger and a villager arrive to let PT know that ther’es been an emergency.

Susan and Cosima are brought to Ira and are told to stay put.  Cosima wants to know how Cosima will exploit Kira’s mutation.  The plan, turns out, is to harvest her eggs.

Westmoreland knows where the creature is and though he figures he doesn’t need a gun, he accepts it anyway.

Susan reveals to Cosima that she plans to take 1300 of Kira’s eggs.  She wants to work with Cosima to mitigate the damage, but Cosima will have none of this, so she plans to stop PT herself.  Ira then tells Cosima that ‘it was red,’ leading her to ask if he’s glitching.

Mud runs into Cosima and tells her that PT isn’t well, which is why this is happening.  Cosima heads down and confronts PT, saying that, to him, this wasn’t about one gene.  He’s managed to contain the creature just as Cosima acknowledges that yes, PT is dying, and this creature is his legacy.

Cosima calls out the creature by the name that Mud mentioned and knows that the creature was a healthy kid just like Kira, but he’s been dismantled.

PT pulls out his gun and asks if Cosima wants to end the suffering.  He hands her the gun and tells her to shoot the creature, but Cosima refuses.  PT gave her life, but Cosima will hold onto her humanity.  She heads into the cage and begins to comfort the creature just a few seconds before PT shoots and ends the creature.

That evening, while Kira and Sarah rest, S hears a knock at the door and goes with her gun to find Delphine, who is leaving to Geneva soon.  Felix and Adele are making progress, and Delphine gives S the hard drive with information.  She asks if S’s source can be relied upon again, because the plan to exploit Kira is happening soon.

Cosima, meanwhile, is locked in the cell.

We’re at the halfway point of this season and, right now, priorities are all over the place for our characters.  At least, the ones on the island, as the bulk of our time is spent here.  More than that, loyalties are in question and bonds are forged in the attempt to outwit the other party as the ongoing fight against Neolution escalates.

Like two episodes ago where we got a significant amount of time devoted to Alison, it’s now Cosima’s time to shine.  After all, she’s the closest to Westmoreland, Rachel, and the heart of Neolution right now and is more directly involved than the other clones at the moment in unraveling this web.  And like the other clones, Cosima has the tendency to dig deeper and deeper when there’s a mystery afoot, even if she’s put in danger.

But that’s what I like about Cosima- as a scientist, she questions everything and shows great tenacity in the face of danger.  Sure, all of the clones face that, but there’s something more to watching Cosima go back and forth with PT Westmoreland and Susan Duncan because this isn’t a physical battle so much as it is a battle of wits or intellectual and ethical challenge.

And from her conversations with the two, she’s livid at the thought of taking away Kira’s eggs or Westmoreland taking advantage of his subjects and science just to prolong his life.  And while Cosima may be property to someone else, she hasn’t lost her free will or humanity.  I’m glad the show doesn’t have Cosima grapple with this decision because she wouldn’t do that.  Property or not, she can still think for herself.

Cosima ends up going through a lot only to get stonewalled, frozen out, or tripped up in her investigation.  Delphine tells PT about her snooping around, and while the two are still on good terms, it still, for a moment, put them on shaky ground, but they’re willing to keep up appearances to stay one step ahead of PT.  And with plans moving faster, they need to move quicker if they want to come out on top of Neolution.

While we’ve learned about the past lives of Sarah, Alison, and Helena, we don’t know a ton about Cosima, and to my surprise, this episode dealt a bit with the relationship she has with her parents.  Even though Cosima has the love and support of Clone Club, she doesn’t have an immediate partner she can latch onto like Sarah has in Kira and Mrs. S. or Alison has with Donnie.

Sure, she has Delphine, but their reunions are so infrequent that she may as well not be there.  No.  More often than not, Cosima is on her own, but it’s refreshing to hear that she’s on good terms with her parents, even though she hasn’t revealed everything to them.  It is, as PT points out, a difficult balance to maintain, but she’s been able to do so and, thus, kept them out of harm’s way if they learned the truth.

And then she gets captured.  I’m certain Cosima won’t be in that cell for long.  Chances are Mud might be the one to free her, but right now, since Westmoreland wants to keep Cosima from digging, this is way for the show to remove her from the equation and put her on ice for the moment.

I’m curious as to why PT ended up killing the creature, though.  He said earlier to Rachel in the very same episode that it was important to him, so why get rid of it or even ask Cosima to do the same?  He had to have known it was roaming about and could’ve had it killed at any moment.  Was it because the creature could’ve injured PT that he shot it?  It was already subdued, after all.

It seems like the loyalties of people around PT are in question.  Most of the soldiers in Revival wanted the creature dead, even though PT said it was important to him, and Mud is the one who freed it.  Though I assume no one knows that, otherwise she’d probably end up in a cell herself.

And since Susan doesn’t see eye-to-eye with Westmoreland, not to mention has to contend with Rachel as well, Westmoreland may find he doesn’t have as many allies as he expects.

Because Sarah spent the bulk of last episode undercover and sleuthing with S, it makes sense that she’d take a backseat this week.  I like how she’s letting Kira into the inner circle, but like S, I’m concerned that things may be moving too fast.  After all, it should be enough for Kira to be in the know without her getting involved with hustling.  Then again, she is tight with Rachel, so that can be used in her advantage.

“Ease for Idle Millionaires” was a very good Cosima-centered episode that showcased why she’s such a great scientist.  She’s locked away for the moment, but the ongoing war with Neolution continues to escalate now that the plan for Kira is slowly coming together.  With Delphine set to meet up with Felix and Adele, Clone Club is set on using all available resources to keep ahead of Neolution.

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