A Look at Orphan Black- Season 5, Episode 4: “Let the Children and Childbearers Toil”

When’s the last time Sarah went undercover, anyway?

The episode begins with P.T. waking up Susan and telling her that she’s been treated for her wound.  She’s not dead because P.T. has use of her.

Down in the village, Charlotte and Aisha visit the pigs, but find one missing, as well as the gate unlatched.  They explore the woods and soon hear a pig squealing.  They happen upon the missing pig, now sporting a wound, but feasting on some vegetables.  On the ground, Charlotte spots a tooth.  Mud surprises the girls and orders them back to the village just as they hear a growl in the distance.

As Kira gets ready for the day, she tells Sarah that Rachel hasn’t hurt her.  Instead, Rachel took her blood and talked about ‘science stuff,’ not to mention giving her a mouse.  When Sarah hugs Kira, she winces in pain, prompting Sarah to look at Kira’s arm and finds a wound.

This carries downstairs, where Sarah shows the cut to Mrs. S. and Felix, but Kira says that she cut herself to see how fast she could heal.  When Kira goes upstairs, S tells Felix to take care of Kira.  Sarah, meanwhile, will be going with S, and they have three days until their next DYAD visit.  Luckily, S has a lead.  Because S always has a lead.

Back at Revival, Susan knows that P.T. has found a breakthrough, but she says that she’s done with all of this and can’t forgive him.  The two receive a surprise visit from Ira, and as P.T. leaves, he tells Susan to not let their history get in the way of progress.

Scott, Hell-Wizard, Sarah, and S discuss Westmoreland’s history and sudden disappearance, where he was presumed dead in 1898.  Wizard gives S information, but doesn’t get any concrete information because it’s on a need-to-know basis.  S tells the two to keep researching while she and Sarah go off for a meeting.

Indeed, they head to a bar and wait for their mark: Elizabeth Perkins, played by Sarah Orenstein.  Ms. Perkins has a daughter, and while Sarah would prefer to be with Kira, Perkins is pertinent and S needs to get her I.D.  Sarah and S fake an argument leading to Sarah throwing her drink in S’s face as a distraction while Sarah grabs Perkins’ I.D.  Before S can go back to the bar, Ms. Perkins invites her for another drink.

We return to Revival, with Cosma testing Charlotte’s strength and breathing.  Charlotte shows Cosima the tooth and tells her that she thinks the creature is a bear or ogre.  Cosima examines the tooth and finds it looking human enough.

She goes to Mud and asks for the truth since the bear is probably bullshit.  Any weird stuff going on is coming from the big house.  Mud admits that this isn’t Westmoreland’s fault and is afraid of getting trouble, so she just tells Cosima to stay out of the woods.

While S continues to talk with Ms. Perkins about their daughter troubles, Sarah goes through Ms. Perkins’ wallet.  Perkins tells S that she’s studying PTSD and is in town for some case studies.  As she goes for her card, Sarah returns the wallet.  But before S can leave, Perkins tells S that Sarah is struggling and on the threshold of becoming just like S.

Felix does indeed bring Kira to his home and starts doing a sketch of her, while Kira talks about Sarah and her apparent jealousy of Rachel, who admires Kira being so special.  Felix reminds Kira that they can’t trust Rachel, despite her intentions.

On the road, Sarah and S go over Perkins’ file, and she’s slated to show up for an appointment tonight.  At said appointment is a Neolution defect at a secure facility.  Hell-Wizard found the information, but not the defector, so Sarah wonders who is feeding S this information about P.T.  Before heading to the destination, Sarah plans to stop at a convent.

Ira, meanwhile, can’t imagine Susan being at Westmoreland’s home, given that Susan has a complicated relationship with him.  Ira wants to know what happened between the two, and turns out that years ago, Westmoreland chose a new path and a new scientist.  Ira figures this is what led Rachel to stabbing Susan, but Susan still shares Westmoreland’s vision.  This feud is only about the means.

At the aforementioned convent, Sarah reunites with Helena while S goes off elsewhere.  Helena tells Sarah that the woman doesn’t talk because her tongue was taken- she’s called the Blasphemer.  Helena senses that Sarah’s heart is heavy, so she beckons her to sit down to talk.

Meanwhile, Felix sees Kira to bed when he gets a surprise visit from Adele.  And yes, she knows everything thanks to S.  In Felix’s defense, his life is hell, but so is Adele’s, as she’s been disbarred.  You know, because she’s an embezzler and can follow the money.  Also, S has an assignment that requires both Adele and Felix to go to Switzerland.  Pack your bags, Felix!

Sarah admits that she can’t give Kira what she wants.  Helena knows what it’s like to cut herself, but she found peace upon finding sisters.  Sarah doesn’t want Kira dealing with what she and the other clones deal with, but Helena figures she’ll have to know eventually.  Sarah admits being a terrible sister to Helena, avoiding her and such, but she feared Helena.  She tells Helena that Kira feels all of the clones.

And when Sarah was half dead on the island, she felt Kira flowing through her.  This is the sort of thing that Rachel can’t have.  Helena wants to kill Rachel and this old man after she gives birth to her miracle babies.

At Revival, Cosima overhears some folks questioning Mud about someone being out there in the woods, but Mud avoids answering them.  Cosima tails Mud from a distance and sees her entering a tower through a hole in the wall.

Back at the convent, Sarah finds S transformed into Dr. Perkins.  It’s accurate at least.  The two arrive at their destination, but find that Dr. Nimitz has already gone home for the evening.  But looking at the scheduling, Perkins is scheduled for tomorrow, not tonight.  And Sarah, isn’t even on the list.  The assistant, Neal, played by Varun Saranga, tells the two that he can sign them in, after they show some identification.

They’re given passes to Cedar Rich, but are told not to have contact with patients until tomorrow.  They head to the secure ward and ask for Alex Ripley.  Before getting there, S tells Sarah to stay calm upon seeing this Alex Ripley, who apparently S and Sarah already know.  It is, in fact, Dr. Virginia Coady.  Naturally, Sarah isn’t pleased to see her.  S gives her an injection to get her up to speed.

Cosima continues exploring Mud’s secret hiding spot when she ends up inside Westmoreland’s quarters.  She watches Mud hooking Westmoreland to an IV.  Mud leaves and Cosima follows.

With Coady now a bit more normal, she wants Sarah and S to get her out, and then they’ll talk.  Sarah begins choking her, saying she doesn’t get to carry the bargaining chip.  Coady tells the two that a dear old friend put her in this institution.

While Cosima’s exploration continues as she ends up in a laboratory, Coady tells Sarah that when Castor fell, Leda won.  As in Susan Duncan put her here.  P.T. and Susan Duncan recruited her, and this was before cloning.  Before Kendall Malone, they found their first subject- P.T. Westmoreland’s original obsession.

The first subject was a unique genome that the team couldn’t unlock due to cheap science.  Susan wanted to stop, but Coady didn’t, so they continued and ended up creating a monster.

At the same time, Cosima finds a bloody cell in the downstairs laboratory, where Mud confronts her and tells her to leave.

In the woods, Cosima again follows Mud from a distance as Mud sets some food on the ground for an approaching creature with whom she communicates.  The creature lurches forward, takes the blankets, and heads back into the woods.

Susan never forgave Coady for this creation.  Coady took Castor, Susan took Leda, and P.T. kept them apart.  Dr. Nimitz, played by Doug Murray, finally arrives just as Coady springs forward and begins strangling Sarah.  Orderlies break the two apart just after Coady manages to grab Sarah’s visitor badge.

Susan tells Ira that this has all been about the means, even if that meant imprisoning Dr. Virginia Coady because she’s a dangerous liability.  After that, Susan said to hell with Neolution.  Any breakthrough P.T. made has to be Kira.  Ira doesn’t believe that Susan would trust him again, even if she’s doing this for the two of them.

Back at home, Sarah tells Felix that they’re to trust S, while Felix is going to Switzerland with Adele for some Neolution research and to follow the money.

Westmoreland and Susan talk about Rachel, who is too damaged for this responsibility, but Westmoreland feels she’s done well so far, and he never thought Rachel would stab Susan.  Susan, though, tells him that she’s lost without her, and this is why he needs her.  She’ll need access to Rachel’s data on Kira’s anomaly.  P.T. agrees and the two toast to the future as the episode comes to a close.

You can always count on something weird or wicked coming this way as far as the science goes on Orphan Black, whether the clones on either side, their abilities, and the motivations behind the creations done by the scientists themselves.

Bringing Dr. Coady back into the fold is an interesting choice.  I’m glad her return isn’t just to retread over what happened in Season Three, and given her work in the field, I buy that she’d have a connection to Susan Duncan and PT Westmoreland.  One operation tends to be a front for something more devious, and this is no exception as we learn about the creature that the three created.

Because Coady managed to get Sarah’s badge, I wager this isn’t the last we’ve seen of her.  If she ends up escaping this institution, I’m curious whether she, like Ferdinand, would end up working with the clones or against them, given that she isn’t on the same page as Susan and PT.

Speaking of, if there wasn’t already enough mystery surrounding Westmoreland, seeing him hooked up to an IV with Mud taking care of him already sets off a red flag.  Not sure what it means- could just be something he’s taking that explains how he’s lived for so long.  Or perhaps he’s sick and what he’s taking is helping him.  Whatever it is, it’s a moment where we see him, in my opinion, a vulnerable state.

And we know everything isn’t going swimmingly due to Rachel’s involvement and Susan being unable to forgive him.  Rachel’s a loose cannon at times and can be quite unpredictable, so I am a tad surprised that Westmoreland chooses to trust her, if that is indeed the case.  But Westmoreland does agree to give Susan access to Rachel’s data, so the two could still work to screw over Rachel.

By the way, I really enjoyed the scenes between Susan and Ira, who is often just passed around and utilized for what he knows, but he genuinely seems to care for Susan.  As such, it was nice to see him express such concern for Susan’s involvement here and working with Westmoreland.

Not the least of which involves this creature, which is what ties this all together.  This looks to be the same creature that attacked Sarah in the premiere and what the hunters tried to locate.  Whatever it is, this is what led to the split, and since Coady is the one who wanted to pursue this matter, despite the cheap science, something was bound to go wrong.  The end result is this monster.

And credit to Cosima for continuing her investigation.  After all, she stayed for a reason and she’s seen enough crazy shit that she knows her plot armor ensures her protection from anything wicked coming her way.

I’m happy Adele is back.  Not just because she didn’t get a ton to do last week, aside from deal with Sarah’s suspicions, but because I like her as a character. Granted, I don’t know if we’ll be following her and Felix to Switzerland, but it’s always nice to see Felix interact with someone in a way that doesn’t involve him playing babysitter to or cleaning up after one of the clones.

Although, Adele being back is all credit to Mrs. S.  We’ve known for awhile that there’s more to Siobhan than she lets on, and this is no exception as she seems to have a connection for almost anything.  As much as we’ve seen Sarah and the clones taking care of business, Mrs. S has had her moments as well and it was a refreshing change of pace to see her not just call the shots, but for Sarah to even defer to her.

That said, one thing that stuck with me was S’s conversation with Elizabeth Perkins, who said that Sarah may be on the verge of becoming just like her mother.  Sure, S was just stalling for time, but I tend to believe Ms. Perkins’ diagnosis.  S keeps secrets and doesn’t keep even her loved ones informed all of the time.  Sure, it’s for a greater good, but as Hell-Wizard said, information from S is on a need-to-know basis.

We see this happening with Sarah and Kira, a bond that’s widening even more now that Kira isn’t being upfront with her mother.  Sure, Kira has been at least somewhat aware of what’s going on, but Sarah doesn’t give her the full picture.  So perhaps Sarah really is becoming like her mother.  And with Kira hiding her cut, the daughter is becoming just like her mother by keeping secrets.  Not the best family cycle.

But Felix said it best with his “Oh my God, this family” remark to Adele.  Not only did he sum up this show in a nutshell, but all the shit going on in the family.  Shit that is just going to get bigger and bigger as things escalate with PT Westmoreland.

Oh, and before I forget, great scene between Sarah and Helena.  This might be the most normal we’ve seen Helena in a long time.  Though she’s a killer and maniac, she’s shown a softer side at times, in particular for her sestras.  And for her not just to be there for Sarah and listen to her, but understand what Kira is going through, humanizes her even more.  It was probably my favorite scene of the entire episode.

Things are beginning to escalate as the clones continue in their investigation and battle against PT Westmoreland and Neolution.  Dr. Coady’s return and, I’m assuming, eventual escape could throw a wrench into plans, and with Felix and Adele heading to Switzerland, Sarah and S will have to hold down the fort while they’re away.  Should be no problem.

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