A Look at 12 Years a Slave

I think one of the elements required for creating a great drama is to craft a protagonist who perseveres despite the odds.  It requires a character who is a fighter.  They can face setbacks, sure, and they can have their moments to grieve or reflect, but I believe moviegoers are more likely to root for a fighter instead of a character who gets stuck or falls into despair.

They want to follow the journey of someone who comes out on top so the viewing experience was well worth the journey.  And that’s what director Steve McQueen managed to pull off with 12 Years a Slave.

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A Look at The Walking Dead- Season 4, Episode 10: “Inmates”

Last week’s “After” benefitted from being contained and only following up on what happened with Rick, Carl and Michonne.  Of course, the show had to keep moving along and explain what happened to the rest of the group in the prison, so this week’s “Inmates” quickened the pace with more characters, more action and a few surprises.

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