A Look at The Walking Dead- Season 6, Episode 4: “Here’s Not Here”

And from one walker attack to another, and Glenn’s fate left up in the air, there’s only one way to move forward: a flashback episode.  So we’ve seen Morgan go from being a broken man to a competent warrior with a new appreciation for life, but how did he get here?  Last Rick saw him, he was a wrecked man.

Then we see him taking on walkers from all sides and rescuing Aaron and Daryl from certain death.  This sort of change doesn’t just happen overnight, so let’s see what led Morgan to this point.  Welcome to “Here’s Not Here.”

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A Look at House of Lies- Season 3, Episode 3: “Boom”

“Boom.”  I sense a theme with the episode titles this season.  I also get the feeling that this is the season where Kristen Bell goes into boss mode.

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