A Look at Gotham- Season 3, Episode 16: “Heroes Rise: These Delicate and Dark Obsessions”

After that delightful distraction away from Jim Gordon that allowed Harvey and Lucius to lead the GCPD in taking on Nygma, we now return to our regularly scheduled Gotham, starring everyone’s favorite not-Batman: Jim Gordon.  Directed by…Jim Gordon.  Who knew?

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A Look at Gotham- Season 3, Episode 12: “Mad City: Ghosts”

Gotham returns for a three episode arc before going on a break until April.  With Jim killing Mario, Nygma plotting to take down Oswald, and Selina reuniting with her mother, this should make for a pretty emotional and character driven episode.

Not the case here, but hey, Jerome is coming back to Gotham.  The show’s proto-Joker is set to bring anarchy back to a city that’s known for anarchy.  Let’s jump right into “Ghosts.”

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