A Look at Californication- Season 7, Episode 7: “Smile”

Last week ended with Hank reminding Charlie that, no matter what they’ve been through, they find a way to weather the gloomy storms that come their way.  “Smile” has them weathering smaller storms this week, but preparing for larger ones that are forming as a result of their actions.

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A Look at The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Maybe it’s me, but looking at a work that’s inspired by a comic series where I’m heavily familiar with the source material, as is currently the case with AMC’s The Walking Dead, or in this case, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, I find myself looking at this from two viewpoints: as a comic book fan and a guy who is aspiring to be an aspiring critic.  Or just a guy with an opinion on film, really.

I don’t think I’ve seen such polarizing opinions on a Spider-Man film since Spider-Man 3, but man, people are divided on this film.

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