A Look at Orphan Black- Season 5, Episode 2: “Clutch of Greed”

It’s a new day indeed as we finally meet Mr. P.T. Westmoreland himself and get reunited with M.K.  This is “Clutch of Greed.”

The episode begins with Sarah having more flashes of Kira waking her up and telling her to let go.  S advises Sarah to listen.  But then Sarah awakens and finds herself in a cell with Ferdinand on the other side, telling her that S was restrained when she tried to attack him.  Rachel, turns out, wants to parlay.

Alison and Art appear on a monitor and tell Sarah that they’re safe and there’s no wriggle room.  And Cosima is being told to stay at Revival.  She has to stay for the treatment.  Then Sarah sees Kira on the monitor as Ferdinand asks if Sarah is ready to behave.

Rachel’s meditation is interrupted when Mr. Frontenac informs her that the board will assemble soon and that Sarah is ready to meet her.  Indeed, Sarah is brought into Rachel’s office and demands to see her daughter.

Once Sarah is done, she can go back to her old town.  Rachel wants to study Kira’s unique physiology.  She’s special, but still a young girl.  Rachel knows that Kira belongs to Sarah and realizes that they all want an end to this war.

Mr. Westmoreland put Rachel in charge, so everything’s different.  God willing, Cosima’s cure should work.  And then Ferdinand brings in S and Kira, who insist that they’re fine.  S is even willing to go along with Rachel’s terms, so the decision is up to Sarah.

Back to the Hendrix home, Alison plays her messages and tells Maddie that she no idea where Donnie is.  Maddie won’t let Alison leave to go take handle the fact that someone else is taking over as coordinator for the church fall fair, so that will have to wait.  Sorry, Alison.

At a hospital, Helena finally awakens, where Donnie tells her that her babies will be fine and the impaled object has been removed.  However, the stick did puncture a sac, so the doctors will need to perform some tests.

At Revival, Cosima tells Catherine that they won’t be taking the vitamins that everyone else takes.  Catherine tells a coughing Cosima that she’ll be fine, and she knows all about Aisha- the same girl that Delphine examined.

Ferdinand brings Sarah, S, and Kira home, where Felix is waiting for them.  After school, though, Rachel will be picking up Kira instead of Sarah in order to begin testing.  S turns on the vacuum to block out sound and tells Sarah that they don’t have a plan yet, but they’re working on it.  Sarah is to go out the front door with Kira this time.

Indeed, Sarah heads out the front door to see Kira off to school.  And she does, all under the watchful of Rachel’s henchmen.

Felix tells Ira that they need him back on the island with Susan and if he wants to help them, then he must turn against Rachel, who stabbed Susan.  Scott then tells Felix that M.K. contacted one of the Sarah Manning avatars.  And the last message came from, of all places, Felix’s loft.

A doctor informs Helena that a C-section is the best course of action.  The doctors look at the monitor and want a cat-scan, and it’s good news: the wound is no longer visible.

So Catherine introduces Aisha to Cosima, who asks about what kind of cancer she has.  She examines her just when Mud and The Messenger enter and tell Cosima that she’s being summoned.

S figures that the man behind the curtain has put Rachel in charge.  Sarah then gets a call from Felix, who tells her that M.K. broke into her loft.  And M.K. is indeed present with Felix.  She tells Sarah that she’s been sick for a long time.  Though Sarah is working on a treatment, M.K. tells her that she’s been watching DYAD.

Rachel wants to restart human cloning.  M/K. might be able to get Sarah and Kira away, as she’s been hiding a long time.  If Kira can be moved out of Rachel’s surveillance, then M.K. can be helpful.

Mud brings Cosima to the home where she’s to have her meeting.  She heads inside the small home and is soon greeted by P.T. Westmoreland, played by Stephen McHattie.  Through Neolution, he’s lived a long time and he hopes to work this same magic on Cosima.  He has her results, and they are remarkable, as she’s developed an immunity.  As such, the treatment is effective.

He asks if she’d like to continue after she develops a cure.  Just follow the science.  But Cosima doesn’t want to be a part of Westmoreland’s collection.  However, he offers her full access to the lab to she can save her sisters.

Rachel tells Ferdinand that Westmoreland has made her feel whole.  All her life, she’s searched for a purpose, and her work on genetics is why she exists now.  Oh, and no more foul play, as Rachel sees no reason to hit Ferdinand anymore, try as he might.  She does assure him that everything is according to plan as far as Kira and Sarah are concerned.  Rachel then tells him to buck up and be part of the change or past.

Back at the hospital, Helena thinks that the doctors just want her babies’ biology and want to cut out her children.  She tells Donnie a location of where they’ll hide and Sarah is the only other person who can know.  But then an officer enters to escort Donnie so they can talk.

Sarah and S prepare to leave so they can meet up with M.K., and Felix reminds Sarah that she and Kira can never come back after this.  He can get them in and out of the basement no problem.  Rachel’s also hacked into the security system at DYAD, where Rachel and Ferdinand are leaving.

The two arrive at the school, where Kira is released early and into ‘Rachel’s’ hands.  It is, of course, Sarah, who assures Kira that she won’t let Rachel get her hands on her.  At least the two got away just as the actual Rachel arrives.

But when Sarah finds one entrance blocked, she rushes off and passes Kira to S and Felix, who manages to escape the school.  However, M.K. hasn’t gone to the lab after all. Turns out she never even left Felix’s place.  The three depart.

As the doctor is ready to begin the test for infections, Helena springs into action, takes the needle, and jabs it into the doctor’s jaw.  This triggers a Code White as Donnie immediately realizes what Helena has done.  He slips out of the hospital.

Rachel leaves the school just as Sarah heads to M.K.’s location.  Though M.K. doesn’t want any help, she at least gives Sarah time to hide just as Ferdinand arrives in the alley.  M.K. insists that Sarah go back to Kira, but Sarah instead heads upstairs to meet M.K., who is too tired to keep running.  But Sarah reminds M.K. that they run on principle.

M.K. figures that she can pretend to be Sarah, and though there’s no time, Sarah exchanges clothes anyway.  M.K., meanwhile, rants and raves about needing more data and tells Sarah that this is much bigger than saving Kira.

She gives Sarah the car keys and thanks her for trying.  Sarah leaves just as M.K. grabs a knife and waits for Ferdinand to enter.  He enters and tells Sarah to turn around, but when M.K. goes for the killing blow, Ferdinand blocks it, subdues her and realizes that he’s not dealing with Rachel, but Veera Suominen.

Sarah arrives at the drop spot and assures Kira that they’re going to be fine.  But Kira doesn’t want to go.

Pinned to the ground, M.K. insists that she can’t be hurt anymore, but Ferdinand has been waiting for this moment.  With that, he slams his foot down on M.K.’s chest over and over again until she finally dies.

At the same time, Kira realizes that she can’t feel M.K.’s presence anymore and senses that M.K. is dead.  She breaks free from Sarah and rushes to Felix’s side instead, insisting that she wants to be with Rachel.  After all, she wants to know why she’s like this.  S agrees, telling Sarah that she can’t run from this any longer.

Back at DYAD, Rachel chews out Ferdinand for disobeying and making a mockery of her.  Feridnand, though, insists that he did this all for Rachel.  She tells Simon to take care of the body and escort Ferdinand out.

Rachel then heads to the home and leaves with Ira and Kira in tow.  Even though it’s been a rough day, Rachel insists that she will take care of Kira.

That evening, S receives a visit from Delphine, who is not, in fact, a ghost.  Sarah can’t know that Delphine is here, as no one can know that they’re communicating.  S is listening.

Before getting to Mr. Westmoreland himself, I want to start off with that kill.  Orphan Black is not what I would call a graphic or even that violent of a show.  It still isn’t, even after this murder, but it was a pretty gruesome one and I can’t recall the last time I’ve personally watched a show where someone is killed because another person stop on their chest.

This accomplishes a few things: for one, he finally gets to finish Helsinki, as he said he would last season.  It’s one less clone to deal with and he gets his revenge after M.K. took all of his money.  Granted, she had a reason to do so, but this is still Ferdinand’s way of getting even and tying up a loose end.

Plus, Rachel’s been focused on Westmoreland and reinvigoration, thus making her unwilling to participate in this foreplay between her and Ferdinand.  So what better way for Ferdinand to exact his revenge on a clone and get out his frustration on Rachel at the same time than taking out his anger on someone that’s dressed just like her?

And what does this mean for Ferdinand going forward?  Rachel doesn’t appear to be pleased with what he’s done and had him escorted out, so I wonder if their relationship is terminated.  I imagine this won’t be the last we see of Ferdinand.  Whether he finds a way to try and get back into Rachel’s good graces or allies with Sarah again is up in the air, but I also wonder if Clone Club will try to retaliate upon hearing of M.K.’s death.

Or rather, Kira sensing that M.K. is dead.  This girl is a peculiar one and I like that the show never spells out everything that makes Kira so special.  So many people have had an eye on her and we’ve been given hints here and there that there are many things that make her special, but now it’s like she had a link to M.K.

Plus, rather than go on the run, she wants to go with Rachel.  I can’t tell if this is genuine or if she has some sort of master plan, but it’s enough to drive a wedge between Kira and Sarah.  But it doesn’t seem like Kira is doing this out of spite.  She’s genuinely curious about what’s wrong with her, and rather than leave that as a big question mark by going on the run, she’s putting herself at risk by going with Rachel just to learn the truth.

It it quite unfortunate that Orphan Black, as far as I remember, can’t submit any episodes for the upcoming Emmys due to a deadline because the last few scenes between Sarah and Kira feature some great acting from Tatiana Maslany as Sarah is trying to force her daughter to flee, and then she’s left to watch as Kira walks right into the hands of her enemy.  It’s some pretty good stuff.

Then there’s the reveal of Mr. Westmoreland, who has been teased for quite some time. Now we meet him and there’s still an air of mystery to him, but at the same time, intrigue at how long he’s been alive thanks to Neolution science and his genetics.  He talks about Darwin and Arthur Conan Doyle as if he’d just speaking with them yesterday, but he doesn’t come off as old fashioned, either.

It’s just enough of a tease to get a general idea of who he is, but leave both Cosima and the rest of us wanting more since he’s been the mastermind behind all of this.

Also curious where Helena’s incident at the hospital will take her and Donnie.  Sure, Helena has every reason to be concerned and while I personally doubt the doctors operating on her had any ill intention, but hey, Helena is paranoid and unpredictable as hell and she’s gonna do what it takes to protect her babies, even if that means harming a doctor.

Plus, this gives her and Donnie more to do, and I’m all for these two on the run together as I find them to have great chemistry.

“Clutch of Greed” was a solid episode.  Westmoreland’s introduction answers some questions, but leaves me wanting more.  And with Kira in Rachel’s hands, Helena and Donnie on the run, and M.K. dead, things aren’t looking too good for Clone Club right now.

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