A Look at Orphan Black- Season 3 Finale: “History Yet to be Written”

Not the best finale, but still a very good episode nonetheless.  We get a few surprises, some plot points I could have done without, and a sense of happiness when all is said and done.  It’s a good episode, but not great.  This is “History Yet to be Written.”

History Yet to be Written- Rachel finds a note

The episode begins with Rachel having flashes to her childhood before awakening and realizing that she has a patch on her eye.  She awakens in a room she doesn’t recognize, finds a note on the table, and then heads over to the mirror to discover…

History Yet to be Written- Rachel's new eye

…voila.  A brand new eye!

History Yet to be Written- Art brings Sarah and Felix to the hiding spot

Meanwhile, Art brings Sarah and Felix to a safe room where Scott is already hard at work.  Mrs. S soon follows with Kendall Malone.  Sarah asks Scott why Malone doesn’t look anything like the clones, and it’s all because Malone has two different cell lines in her body, meaning that they express differently in combination.  Isolate the female genome, and you get the clones.

S promises to incinerate Malone if it looks like even one speck of her flesh will end up in Castor’s hands.  Such a nice daughter.  Everyone is aware that Castor and Topside will be on them now that they have the original, but they have no intention of avoiding them.

History Yet to be Written- Dr. Coady and Mr. Benchman speak with Rudy about Sarah and the Castor original

Dr. Coady and Mr. Benchman inform Rudy that Sarah found the original.  Hence, Rudy is needed on the ground in two hours and he’s told that the director appreciates his services.  Because Sarah has gone to ground with the original, this only leaves one of her people visible.

History Yet to be Written- Alison campaigns on election day

On cue, we cut to Election Day as Alison speaks with voters while Marci talks about some possible violation for using a loudspeaker.  Whatever.

History Yet to be Written- Jesse returns

Donnie, meanwhile, has a surprise for Helena in the form of Jesse.  That certainly came out of nowhere.

History Yet to be Written- Cosima comes to try and apologize to Shay

To my irritation, we get another scene between Shay and Cosima, though this one is for Cosima to apologize on behalf of Delphine’s deplorable behavior.  And this is before Cosima learns that Delphine threatened to cut open Shay’s veins and let her bleed out in the bathtub.  Cosima still wants to know why Shay didn’t tell her that she was in the military- not that it was ever of Cosima’s business.

Shay’s not practicing Chinese medicine either- she’s an R.M.T.  As for why Shay supposedly lied?  Well, the two did meet on a dating app where you reinvent yourself online.  Not the biggest lie in the world, and though Shay is still left in the dark on what’s going on, Cosima still can’t bring herself to be honest.  So Shay asks her to leave.  I have a big problem with this scene that I’ll get to later.

History Yet to be Written- Ferdinand speaks with Delphine about Sarah, Rachel, and the Castor original

At DYAD, we get a brief scene of Delphine arming herself with a gun before Ferdinand enters.  Ferdinand knows that Sarah found the original and believes that Rachel has been eliminated.  Delphine thinks that Ferdinand may be overplaying his hand, and he agrees.  He likes to be under the heel of a woman.  He wants the original, and once she’s returned to Topside, he can have a seat at the table.  Delphine doesn’t accept that.

History Yet to be Written- Sarah and Delphine arrange with Ferdinand

And neither does Sarah, who reveals that she was playing Rachel during her first encounter with Ferdinand.  She reminds Ferdinand that he only needs Malone’s genetic samples.  With her genome, Topside can reproduce Duncan’s cloning trials.  However, they want Castor gone and Ferdinand is the lesser of two evils.  Coady is still trying to weaponize the pathogen, but without her science and the original, Castor dies.  If there’s any bullshit, Sarah swears to incinerate Malone, but Ferdinand calls her bluff, saying that she wouldn’t kill Leda’s one chance at a cure.

History Yet to be Written- Cosima comes to extract a sample from Malone

Cosima arrives to get a sample from Malone, who is just as peachy as always.  Malone doesn’t owe Cosima anything, but Cosima owes her something: the stuff of life, as Malone is the closest that Cosima will get to a cure.

History Yet to be Written- Sarah and Felix confront Gracie and Mark

With some directions from Art, Felix and Sarah head to the apartment room to confront Gracie and Mark.  Felix even manages to kick in the door.  They remind Mark that Coady won’t let him walk away, but he doesn’t care about that.  He and Gracie just want to spend time together before he’s killed.  Mark can still help since the others need to know Coady’s next move.

History Yet to be Written- Mrs. S shows Kendall Malone some sulfuric acid

Back at the safe point, S shows Malone some sulfuric acid that she plans to use if it looks like Castor has located them.  It’s some satisfaction for S after what Malone did to John Sadler, though Malone is convinced that John got what he deserved.

History Yet to be Written- Dr. Nealon and Delphine with Krystal's body

Delphine speaks with Dr. Nealon about Ferdinand poking around about Rachel’s condition.  The plan is to move Rachel to a private facility.

History Yet to be Written- Krystal awakens

When Nealon leaves, Delphine examines the body when, all of a sudden, Krystal awakens, completely unaware of what’s going on and has both of her eyes.  Well, that was a discovery.

History Yet to be Written- Helena catches up with Jesse

While Rachel examines her new eye, Helena and Jesse catch up, with Helena informing Jesse about her new mother.  Before the two can get hot and heavy, Helena gets a phone call and learns that her family needs her.  No worry.  She’s waited a long time to be back with her first- despite the science baby inside of her- and she can wait longer.  Luckily, so can Jesse.

History Yet to be Written- Rudy stalks Alison

Back to the election, Alison speaks with voters and the press while Rudy stalks her.  As Alison and Donnie head off in the campaign bus, Rudy follows from a distance.  Donnie is fully aware of this and lets Sarah and the others know that they’re being tailed, just as expected.  Over at the safe point, the others put their plan into action, starting with Sarah punching Mark in the face.

History Yet to be Written- Rudy finds Helena in the garage

Alison departs from the bus and Rudy pursues her, but ends up finding Helena in the garage.  She promises him that only one of them will live- as prison rules dictate- and with Rudy constantly having flashes, Helena has the obvious advantage.  She proves this by kicking some tape in Rudy’s face in one of the most effective uses of tape as a weapon that I’ve seen.  Hell, she even manages to shove a screwdriver through his arm.  Rudy is unable to put up any sort of fight due to his flashes and he falls to the ground.

History Yet to be Written- Rudy and Helena talk about their upbringings

On the garage floor, the two talk about their upbringings and how they are so similar.  For example, Helena was once ordered to kill a puppy when she was nine years old.  Isn’t that precious?

History Yet to be Written- Ferdinand meets Dr. Coady

Dr. Coady gets a call from a bloodied up Rudy, who informs her that he went after Alison and instead found Helena, who led him right to the prize.  Not long now.  But then Dr. Coady gets a surprise visit from Ferdinand and his assistant, who shoots and kills Coady’s driver.

History Yet to be Written- Kendall talks about how she brought S and Sarah together

Time for character development and revelations.  Sarah, S, and Malone talk about Sarah specifically, as S wants her to understand who she is.  It all goes back to Duncan.  Five or six years after Malone had been harvested, Duncan returned and admitted to cloning her.  Now he was in fear for his life from something called Neolution.  From that point forward, he didn’t know who to trust.  He said they polluted everything, poisoned the science, and corrupted his wife, Susan.

However, Duncan managed to hide Malone from everyone.  Duncan said there was one child outside it all- lost in the foster system.  Malone sent Duncan to S.  So yeah, Malone ended up steering S and Sarah together.  She never expected forgiveness, but she wanted S to have her.

History Yet to be Written- Delphine confronts Dr. Nealon

Delphine confronts Dr. Nealon on Rachel being transported to Australia under Krystal’s name and was admitted to a private hospital.  Nealon has Delphine turn on the screen, which shows Rachel alive and well in her room.  You see, Topside pursues its profits, the military pursues its weapons, while they steer it from within.  They?  Yes, Neolution.

Leekie was useful for seeding ideas, but they run far deeper.  Nealon explains that they’ve infiltrated and maneuvered all of the players since day one.  Castor and Leda are Adam and Eve.  Soon, Topside will deliver the genome right into Neolution’s hands.  Nealon offers Delphine a one-time offer, but Delphine shoots it down.

History Yet to be Written- Dr. Nealon almost puts the lizard into Delphine's mouth

The two struggle and we get a payoff to Delphine arming herself, as she uses the gun to shoot Nealon before he can slip a lizard into her mouth.  An actual lizard, mind you.  Nealon tells Delphine that she won’t live to the next morning.

History Yet to be Written- Ferdinand learns that he's been played

As Ferdinand and his henchman arrive to extract a sample, Sarah receives word from Delphine about Ferdinand being a pawn in a much larger game.  Sarah informs Ferdinand of this and the fact that Rachel is still alive, but in Neolution’s possession.

Ferdinand, reasonably pissed about this revelation, rages at his assistant and beats him to a pulp.  Looks like Neolution really is everywhere.  There’s still a safe place to keep Malone, but Ferdinand does not want to know where.  He’ll be in touch.

History Yet to be Written- Alison learns that she won the election

That night, at Bubbles, everyone celebrates Alison’s victory, and she gives a speech about family and such.

History Yet to be Written- Delphine makes amends with Shay, sort of

Delphine makes a stop by Shay’s and lets her know that what she did was unforgivable- no shit-she won’t be in the way anymore.  She can tell that Shay and Cosima care for one another.  She then hands Shay a DYAD card with the code 324B21 written on the back.  Delphine wants Cosima to start being honest with Shay, even though that’s still Cosima’s decision.

History Yet to be Written- Delphine and Cosima kiss

Following this, Delphine heads to Bubbles to meet outside with Cosima.  She needs the clones to keep the sequenced genome safe and Kendall Malone far away.  Mrs. S is on top of that.  Then the two kiss.  Again.  I do hope we don’t see more of that in the future.

History Yet to be Written- Delphine gets shot

Oh wait, Delphine is shot in a parking lot not too long after this after wondering aloud what will happen to her.

History Yet to be Written- Charlotte greets Rachel

Rachel receives a visit from Charlotte, who informs her that she’s going to be her new mother.  Why?  Because Duncan said so.

History Yet to be Written- Professor Mama Duncan

As in Professor Mama Duncan.

History Yet to be Written- Sarah, Mrs. S, and Kendall unite with Kira

The season comes to a close as Sarah, Mrs. S, and Kendall Malone head to Iceland to meet up with Kira.

So that was a season.  “History Yet to be Written” was a good episode, but I don’t know if I’d call it a great season finale because of some scenes and moments that I didn’t like all that much, but let’s focus on the positive.

History Yet to be Written- Alison gives a speech about family

If there’s an overall theme of this episode and this season in general, it’s about family.  Though the clones started in different places this season, and Alison’s story in particular felt completely separate from the Leda and Castor plot, they soon coalesced in order to deal with Castor.  And despite never knowing who within or outside of the club could be trusted, the clones managed to band together to go through hell and back while dealing with a common enemy.

This was a moment where the clones and their allies had to set aside their differences in order to deal with Castor and Topside looming not too far behind.  You can’t just bicker about who you can and can’t trust because there are bigger issues to deal with right now.

History Yet to be Written- Malone gets honest with S and Sarah

I think this was a good time for S and Malone to try and find common ground after being at each other’s throats in the previous episode.  The scene where Malone explains how Sarah and S came to find each other was great.  Sure, this didn’t make up for Malone killing John Sadler, but her heart was in the right place when she pulled strings to make sure Sarah ended up with S.  Even if she was ice cold to almost everyone she came in contact with, we saw the shades of a good person beneath that rough exterior.

History Yet to be Written- Helena and Rudy

Another instance of tragic characters exploring their lighter sides came with the confrontation between Helena and Rudy.  Sure, it started with a fight, but both Helena and Rudy have been trained to be killing machines.  The difference is that while Helena still has a dark side, she gradually opened up to the other clones.  She’s still a killer and has a dark side, if the previous episode is any indication, but doesn’t always act on those tendencies, as Rudy and the Castor clones have been trained.

I’m glad that Alison got the success she wanted, though her storyline is one that feels the most open.  After all, will there be any repercussions to Helena’s bloodbath last week?  And what happened to Jason Kellerman?  Again, Alison is my least favorite of the clones, but this season did soften me to her just a bit and I hope she’s given humorous storylines like this as opposed to us having to endure her being an unhinged wife.

History Yet to be Written- Shay has no idea who Cosima is

Shay, Cosima, and Delphine.  I wasn’t a fan of the three way conflict between these three before and I’m still not.  Delphine’s apology felt forced and just a way to hopefully put her and Shay on good footing, even when that’s obviously not the case.

History Yet to be Written- Cosima won't open up to Shay

And it’s really uncalled for when Cosima harped on Shay for not being completely honest when Cosima wasn’t even willing to open up a bit about her life.  That’s unfair.  Oh, and also selfish and a dick move.  Scott’s been brought into this mess, so why not bring Shay in as well?  I don’t sympathize with Cosima at all here.

She’s upset about a few minor details not being true, but she won’t share even one aspect of her complicated life?  Why not open up if she was so willing to take Delphine’s word that Shay could have been a Castor spy?  Whatever Cosima ends up doing next week, I hope it’s more entertaining than this cheap drama because I don’t like the direction the show has taken her character this season.

History Yet to be Written- Delphine is shot

Then Delphine gets shot.  It’s one of the few examples of consequence for Clone Club this season, but whatever happens is anyone’s guess.  Sure, we could assume that the shot kills Delphine, but we linger on her body for quite a bit and we never actually see her die, so as of now, I don’t think Delphine is dead.  Possibly on her way out, but we’ll find out next season.

History Yet to be Written- Gracie and Mark

Same goes with Mark and Gracie.  If Castor is no longer a threat, then they may be able to live out what little time they have left together in peace, but if not, I’m curious to see what happens, especially since we never find out when and how Gracie got in contact with Castor.

History Yet to be Written- What about Krystal

And what about Krystal?  She’s been left in the dark about Clone Club, but then got caught in the middle of it.  Did Delphine tell her anything she didn’t need to know?  I assume that waking up in a building and knowing little about where you are isn’t something to easily forget.

As far as the grand story, bringing Neolution back in felt a bit out of left field since the bulk of this season had been Castor vs. Leda.  Even Topside pulling strings would have made more sense since we’ve at least been exposed to them this season while, to my knowledge, Neolution hadn’t even been addressed this season up until this episode.  This, I think, was just to set up the conflict for Season Four.

Though I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like the reveal of the other Dr. Nealon- aka mother, to Rachel, who finally got herself a new eye.  This, I think, will make for an interesting storyline.

History Yet to be Written- Alison thanks her family

It’s fitting that one of the last scenes of the episode ended with most of the main characters celebrating together, mirroring Helena’s dream from the beginning of the season.  Though not technically as impressive as the dance party in Season 2, in my opinion, it was still a great scene and a nice way to bring the season full circle.  The season started with Helena envisioning a happy life.  Now, for the moment, she has that solace with her family.  Now to see how long that lasts.

Again, “History Yet to be Written” is a good episode and has some great character moments, but little things like the Shay/Cosima/Delphine storyline, Jesse’s pointless return, Art’s sudden return after a temporary absence, kept it from being as great as I would want it to have been.  It still had strong moments.  Helena’s fight with Rudy was entertaining, Alison won her race, and S and Malone putting aside their differences was a warm moment in an episode with so much drama.  Very much looking forward to Season Four.

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