A Look at The Walking Dead #175- “New World Order: Part 1 of 6”

Why yes, we have seen Michonne.

Now after spending time with that confrontation between Maggie and Negan, we catch up with the group on the road and the soldiers who have confronted them.  It’s the start of the New World Order arc as we’re introduced to a new group, a new community, and huge revelation for the survivors.

Enter Mr. Lance Hornsby.  His very calm demeanor coupled with how nonchalant he is about violence reminds me very much of Negan, except we’ve swapped a barbed-wire baseball bat for guns and armor.  I instantly like this guy because you can tell he’s willing to work with newcomers, but not 100 percent easygoing either.

Like Rick and Douglas did before, Lance is responsible for all entries into the commonwealth.  And while Lance is a hardass, he at least is willing to work with the survivors, as he admires that they stick together.  Plus, they would have been at a deadlock forever since Eugene refused to budge if he didn’t meet Stephanie.  So he’s a hardass, but a reasonable.  There is a difference.

At the same time, you don’t want to come off as a pushover on your first meeting, so it makes sense that he’d push back when Eugene demands to see Stephanie.

It’s a fairly standard process, the interviews.  Like Douglas interviewing Rick when his group arrived in Alexandria- or Deanna on the TV version- it’s all about where they’ve come from, who they’ve encountered, but Lance takes it a step further by asking about particular customs.  And it’s a nice change of pace because it is something to consider, especially when you think about groups like The Whisperers.

But things like covering yourself in the blood of the dead to mask your scent, as Michonne tells Lance, is probably the closest that could come to a ‘custom,’ even though it’s something that others probably do.

Oh, this isn’t all that important, but I have to wonder how impractical the armor is for these folks.  It’s better than what the Kingdom warriors wore, and there’s no way to tell how heavy it is, but it looks like it could be a pain in the pass when maneuvering.  However, the armor looks as if it completely covers the body, so what it lacks in mobility is made up in protection.

Though unless the armor is cleaned on a regular basis, I’m curious how the armor looks so clean when these folks must have to deal with roamers on a regular basis.

Then we arrive at the new community, which I’m just gonna go ahead and call the Commonwealth since that’s what they call it.  It appears massive.  The stadium alone looks like this is an area larger in scope and scale than anything we’ve seen prior to being introduced to other communities.  It looks more sprawling and spread out than the Kingdom and Alexandria Safe Zone from first impressions.

Then we see the wall of the lost.  We’ve seen something similar with the residents in Alexandria writing the names of the dead on their walls, but the amount of photos is extensive.  It’s not going to a cemetery and walking past the rows of graves, but it’s still a pretty haunting image.  And while it could be seen as a lost cause for the more faded photos, it still gives some people hope that their lost loved ones will be found.

Plus, even though the survivors we know have lost people, it pales in comparison to this wide wall of photos.  And unlike the Commonwealth residents, Rick and company don’t have photos they can look at to remember their loved ones.

Then Kirkman hits us with one hell of a reveal and strong way to end the issue as we see that one of Michonne’s children has been looking for her.  Now we’ve gotten hints of Michonne’s children and past before, but to get confirmation that they may still be out there and looking for their mother is a big deal for Michonne.  And hopefully great news coming for Elodie, too.

Will Michonne finally reunite with her family?  We’ll find out next time.

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