A Look at Agent Carter- Season 1, Episode 2: “Bridge and Tunnel”

It’s time for another, action packed episode of The Captain America Adventure Show! I mean, Agent Carter

Bridge and Tunnel- The Captain America Adventure Program

The episode begins with The Captain America Adventure Program! We start in the Ardennes Forest, where the Nazis have ambushed the 107th Infantry and taken the triage nurse, Betty Carver as their hostage. Carver, voiced and played by Erin Torpey, isn’t worried because she knows that Captain America will come in and save her. See, it’s good, wholesome fun for the entire family and everyone who wants to have a good time.

Bridge and Tunnel- Peggy is not a fan of the Captain America Adventure Program

Well, not everyone. Peggy certainly isn’t a fan and she asks Angie to change the station. Party-pooper. Angie notices Peggy circling apartment ads in the newspaper. She’s looking for a new space after losing her roommate. Angie suggests that Peggy move in at the apartment on 63rd since someone just moved out.

Though a nice offer, Peggy politely turns it down. And after being reminded of Colleen through her obituary in the paper, chances are that Peggy doesn’t want to put anyone else in danger.

Bridge and Tunnel- Jarvis shows Peggy around one of Howard Stark’s many residences

Jarvis shows Peggy around one of Howard Stark’s many residences- specifically, one used for private entertainment. Oh, you crazy Starks. Peggy thinks it would be too risky for her to stay. Despite Stark’s insistence, Peggy is still trying to clear him of treason. If she’s found there, she could get the noose. On the subject of actual work, meanwhile, Jarvis went through Mr. Stark’s files, but found nothing on Leviathan. Peggy hasn’t made much progress at the SSR office, either. As for Brannis and Green Suit, New York hospitals have no record of laryngotomy patients fitting those descriptions within the past three years. The task at hand is to find the Daisy Clover truck. Luckily, it opens at five o’clock. Jarvis offers his assistance, but Peggy shoots him down, telling him that he doesn’t need to almost be killed again.

Bridge and Tunnel- Howard Stark has a taste for the theatrical

Oh, by the way? Howard Stark has a taste for the theatrical. This will come in handy later. Not now, but later.

Bridge and Tunnel- Green Suit is told that Leviathan is growing impatient and that he must find Leet Brannis

Green Suit’s colleagues inquire about the location of Stark’s technology, which is still with Leet Brannis. Leviathan is growing impatient. Green Suit’s instructions are clear: find Brannis.

Bridge and Tunnel- Peggy turns down Jarvis' offer for help

Jarvis once again offers his services, but Peggy won’t have that. It’s a simple job, she says. After all, she’s just going to hunt a truck. And finding it won’t be an issue since she held onto the vita-ray detector from Project Rebirth. It should still be able to pick up a reading from whatever truck transported the nitramene. And though it sounds like Peggy intends to just waltz in and stop production to inspect for nitramene, she’s a bit savvier than that.

Bridge and Tunnel- Green Suit questions a man on Leet Brannis and Leviathan

Green Suit questions a man about Leet Brannis, but the man denies knowing anything about him. Okay, fine. When asked about nitramene, though, the man admits he told Spider Raymond that he wanted nothing to do with nitramene- too hot. However, he recommended a potential buyer: Gino De Lucia out in Bensonhurst. He might want it. Good enough. The man is killed for his troubles. Green Suit makes his way out, careful to step over the man’s already murdered wife.

Bridge and Tunnel- Ms. Ruth Barton visits the Daisy Clover Dairy Company

The next day, the Daisy Clover Dairy Company receives an unexpected visit from a Ms. Ruth Barton of the New York City Health Department. And no one’s heard of that, either. So what’s Ms. Barton doing here? She’s received 15 complaints that the company is in direct violation of City Health Provision 42, Article 23- the care and transport of all milkstuffs. She has a court order to inspect all of the delivery trucks.

You know, for all the bullshit Peggy is spinning, she at least does a convincing job at it. Anyway, the foreman, played by Greg Bryan, isn’t about to defy this command, so let’s let the lady do her job. Peggy looks and scans up, down, and all around, but gets no readings. However, one truck is missing. Sheldon McFee uses his truck to commute, but he’s been out sick for the past two days.

Bridge and Tunnel- Chief Dooley, Agent Thompson, and Krzeminski inspect the remains of the Roxxon Refinery

Chief Dooley, along with Agents Thompson and Krzeminski, inspect the remains of what was once the Roxxon Refinery. Dooley still thinks Howard Stark is responsible and that it’s time to pay a visit to Roxxon. Well, Dooley and Thompson are going. Krzeminski’s abilities will suit him for something else Dooley has planned: find a crowbar and pull the whole thing apart for any clues.

Bridge and Tunnel- Peggy helps Daniel make a bet on horse racing

At the phone company, Peggy receives the address of Sheldon McFee. As she prepares to head out, Daniel receives some developed film that should hopefully include a shot of the blonde who was with Spider Raymond before he was killed. Before Daniel can look through them, Krzeminski calls him to help out with the wrecked remains of Roxxon. Daniel locks the photos away and heads down.

Carter makes a call to Jarvis and tells him to dispose of Howard Stark’s car since it could still have traces of Vita-radiation. And he has to do it now, so the linens will have to wait. Meanwhile, Peggy may not have the truck, but she does at least know that Sheldon McFee uses the truck to commute from Cedar Grove, New Jersey. Before leaving, there’s something Peggy has to attend to.

Bridge and Tunnel- Dooley and Thompson meet with company Roxxon Chemicals CEO Hugh Jones, played by Ray Wise

At Roxxon Chemicals, Dooley and Thompson meet with company CEO Hugh Jones, played by Ray Wise. Jones and Stark used to be good friends until something came between the two of them: Jones’ wife. It’s still a bit stretch to go from that to industrial sabotage, but Jones feels that was always the case with Howard. In fact, he tried to purchase the refinery as recently as January, but Jones turned him down.

Jones’ sources within Stark Industries tell him that Howard is working on a formula for molecular nitramene. In theory, it could result in a concussive blast, followed by a vacuum implosion. This all has roots in Howard’s work with Vita-radiation.

Bridge and Tunnel- Peggy picks a lock

Still without those photos, Peggy makes her way to Daniel’s desk and begins picking the lock with the key in her broach. These spies, I tell you. She’s distracted when a phone starts ringing, but then bumps her head in surprise when Daniel’s own phone starts ringing. Anyway, Daniel soon returns and receives a call from Chief Dooley, who needs Peggy to bring in the Vita-radiation detector.

Bridge and Tunnel- Chief Dooley tells Peggy that she'll be scanning the female employees of Roxxon for traces of Vita-radiation

Peggy reports to Roxxon. She’s informed that anyone near the nitramene blast was exposed to Vita-radiation, meaning it could still be on their person. As a result, they’re going to scan everyone on Roxxon’s staff. It’s not impossible that this could be an inside job. So what’s Peggy got to do with this? She’s gonna be scanning the ladies. Thompson volunteered, but Dooley said it wouldn’t be appropriate. Well, at least he offered.

Bridge and Tunnel- Peggy scans herself for traces of Vita-radiation

Before Peggy sets about her task, she leads to the ladies’ room and scans herself. She’s almost clear, but the watch sets the radar off like crazy, so goodbye to that.

Bridge and Tunnel- Carter and Thompson scan the Roxxon employees

So, Peggy and Thompson scan the rest of the employees. Eventually, Peggy comes across a familiar face- the same man she flashed when she and Jarvis went to Roxxon: Miles Van Ert, played by James Urbaniak. Van Ert is scanned and cleared, but Peggy calls attention to the fact some of the men are wearing company issued uniforms. When asked why, Hugh Jones explains that the technicians change their clothes when dealing with hazardous materials. Low level Vita-radiation wouldn’t saturate the top layer of a person’s skin, but residue would still be in their clothing. Peggy suggests checking the clothes that the men wore to work.

And this is where Van Ert runs. Where’s he running to? The main lobby. Peggy takes a shortcut and makes good use of a man’s briefcase to trip up Van Ert and stop him in his tracks.

Bridge and Tunnel- Dooley and Thompson in interrogation with Van Ert

Despite the trouble he knows that he’s in, Van Ert doesn’t fess up to Dooley when he’s brought to SSR. Dooley makes him an offer, and all he has to do is give a name. Van Ert doesn’t, so he’s left in the hands of Thompson, a carrot, and a stick. Thompson puts the stick in Van Ert’s mouth and advises him to bite down.

As Thompson begins to beat the living hell out of Van Ert, Dooley tells Carter to take off for the night. A lady shouldn’t be seeing this sort of thing. Oh, is that right?

Bridge and Tunnel- Angie makes another offer to Peggy

So Peggy heads to the L&L Automat to wait for Jarvis to pick her up. Angie makes another offer of a suitable living space, but, as was the case before, Peggy turns the offer down. She just doesn’t feel she’d be that good of a neighbor. With that, Jarvis arrives.

Meanwhile, it’s time for another exciting episode of The Captain America Adventure Program! In the Eastern Alps Mountains, Betty Carver cleans up shop while the men go out and defend the country. But what’s this? The Nazis have her all tied up! If only Captain America came to save her.

Bridge and Tunnel- Jarvis likes the Captain America program, Peggy does not

Peggy isn’t any more of a fan of this show than she was before. Jarvis at least likes it. He also got rid of Howard Stark’s car. Sort of, anyway. He left it in Hoboken with the keys in the ignition.

Bridge and Tunnel- SSR Agents update on Van Ert and Sheldon McFee

Back at SSR, Thompson needs a new stick. The other agents aren’t making much progress, either. Immigration has no record of a Leet Brannis ever entering the country, though it could be an alias. Daniel’s currently at work to get the name of the driver from Daisy Clover. Even though there’s a good chance that Van Ert doesn’t know anything, Dooley is still convinced that Brannis is their direct link to Stark. At last, Daniel gets the name and address of Sheldon McFee.

At the same time, Green Suit reports to his colleagues that he located the nitramene buyer and is in en route to intercept.

Bridge and Tunnel- Peggy fights Sheldon McFee, played by Devin Ratray

Peggy decides to confront McFee alone at his home in Cedar Grove. She advises Jarvis to go home, but no chance with that. She finds not only the truck, but Mr. McFee, played by Devin Ratray, and guess what he’s listening to? Even though Peggy takes care of McFee in no time, she just can’t get away from that blasted radio broadcast.

Bridge and Tunnel- Jarvis sabotages the engine, Peggy holds up Leet Brannis

Outside, she finds Leet Brannis trying to make a getaway with the truck, but he won’t be going anywhere thanks to Jarvis, who sabotaged the motor. Peggy isn’t pleased that Jarvis is still there and wants the truck fixed. You know, Peggy, a simple ‘Thank you’ would have sufficed. Brannis will have protection through the SSR, provided he says something noteworthy about Stark’s inventions. When asked who Leviathan is, Brannis corrects Peggy: saying Leviathan is a what, not who.

Leviathan sent Brannis to rob Howard Stark’s vault, but he double crossed them. Bold move, but Leviathan is only interested in one thing.

After fixing the truck, Jarvis was unable to find Mr. McFee, but he did manage to find his shotgun. On the drive back, with Brannis behind the wheel, Green Suit joins the three when he jumps onto the roof of the truck.

Bridge and Tunnel- Dooley and Thompson pull over Mr. McFee

Dooley and Thompson catch up to a fleeing McFee. The two agents ask the fleeing man who cuffed him.

Back on the truck, Peggy engages Green Suit, who fires into the truck and manages to hit Brannis. He slumps at the wheel and the truck is losing control, one of orbs falling loose in the process. Up ahead is a sharp turn. Peggy nails Green Suit to the truck with a knife, while she, Jarvis and Brannis leap from the runaway truck. The truck careens off the cliff, falls into the water and goes out with a bang. The blinding light is so bright that even agents Dooley and Thompson are able to see it.

Bridge and Tunnel- Carter and Jarvis with a dying Brannis

Brannis is at death’s door and his speaking device is wrecked. Peggy tries to get any information out of him about Leviathan or Howard Stark’s weapons, but Brannis draws a heart with a line through it in the dirt. With that, Brannis dies. Peggy and Jarvis make their escape from the approaching authorities.

Bridge and Tunnel- Agents find Brannis' body

By the time the agents arrive, all they can find are Brannis’ body and some footprints…women’s footprints, to be exact, as well as a hotel key.

Bridge and Tunnel- Jarvis stitches up Peggy

Jarvis stitches Peggy up and tells her that she’s fortunate he didn’t listen to her instructions and stayed behind. Peggy still doesn’t think much of it, but Jarvis tells her flat out that she’s going to need help from people who care about her well-being. Peggy feels that if she lets people get close, she’ll be putting them in danger. Bollocks. Not one person, man or woman, is capable of carrying the entire world on their shoulders, Jarvis says. Peggy believes that Steve could, but based on what Howard discussed with Jarvis, Steve heavily relied on Peggy for strategy, courage, and moral guidance. Peggy’s desire to help people is noble, but she won’t find much success unless she allows others to help her.

Bridge and Tunnel- That's Sarah, she's a slut

Peggy finally relents and lets Angie show her around the apartment and meet some of the girls. Mary is a legal secretary at Goodman, Kurtzberg, and Holliway, Evelyn is a lounge singer, and Sarah? Sarah’s a slut. Hey, Angie’s words, not mine. I didn’t even know they used that word in the 1940s.

Bridge and Tunnel- Miriam, played by Meagen Fey, interviews Peggy

All Peggy has to do is get through the interview with Miriam, played by Meagen Fey. Everything checks out and Peggy has impeccable references. When asked how long she sees herself at the telephone company, Peggy says it will be until she finds a husband. In a city with so much debauchery, Miriam says, the Griffith Hotel is a haven for proper, young ladies. Apparently, Sarah didn’t get the memo. As such, curfew is at 10 pm, no drinking, and no men above the first floor. Well, maybe Sarah goes out to do her work. Okay, I’ll leave Sarah alone.

Bridge and Tunnel- Is that Joe DiMaggio

At SSR, the agents are examining the developed photos. Chief Dooley calls Peggy over to settle something once and for all…is the guy in the picture Joe DiMaggio? Sorry, but Peggy doesn’t follow boxing. Daniel collects his money for winning the bet. He couldn’t have been sure about betting against Peggy, but hey, that’s why they call it gambling. As for the mysterious blonde? No clear shot of her face, though no one is lucky forever.

Bridge and Tunnel- Krzeminski finds a license plate

The episode comes to a close as Krzeminski, still digging through the rubble that was Roxxon, finds a very familiar license plate…

“Bridge and Tunnel” was a fun follow-up to “Now is Not the End” and continues the growing friendship between Carter and Jarvis. I found the action to be a big improvement over the pilot, but then you look at who directed this episode: Joe Russo of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The influence definitely shows.

Bridge and Tunnel- Agent Carter, Dairy Inspector

Atwell got to have fun again this episode as an imitation health inspector and I’ve gotta wonder just how many of those spare outfits that Howard Stark kept will she be using in her missions. Not like they’ll be used by anyone else. I doubt Mrs. Jarvis will make use of them.

Bridge and Tunnel- Carter suggests scanning the clothes that some of the men wore to work for potential radiation

But it’s more than Peggy putting on a costume- she’s quick on her feet. Convincing Chief Dooley that check the clothes of the men who work with chemicals in order to expose Van Ert shows that, if she has a lead, she’s going to go after it as fast as she can, even if she needs to put her prey on the spot in front of everyone. That and I did get a kick out of her tripping Van Ert up with that briefcase.

Granted, this means that she’s pretty much doing the job of the SSR agents for them. Hopefully they get more to do since, as of now, they’re just playing catch up. We don’t know much about them. Dooley is in charge, Thompson is the muscle, Krzeminski is the comic relief, and Sousa is the nice guy. We know a bit more about Sousa because of his friendship with Peggy, but I hope the same soon works out with the others.

Bridge and Tunnel- Jarvis tells Peggy that she can't do everything on her own

And I still enjoy the chemistry between Atwell and D’Arcy maybe even more so in this episode because of Jarvis’ words about Peggy not needing to bear the world on her shoulders. I think telling her that Steve Rogers relied on her for support shows that the man she thought could do everything still needed help. If she always tries to go it solo, she’s going to run into a scenario where she’ll need backup. Hell, even Steve had the Howling Commandos at his side when he went into missions.

We all want to try and stand on our own two feet and work at our own speed, but sooner or later, it’s nice to have a support system behind you when things get too rough. For Peggy to constantly shoot down Jarvis’ help borders on arrogance, but it looks like she’s warming to the idea of their partnership. I’m glad Jarvis isn’t just the token sidekick. He’s dripping with sarcasm and wit and while he’s not as formidable in a fight as Peggy is, he’s just as quick on his feet, as we see when he sabotages the engine so Brannis can’t escape with the dairy truck.

Oh, and I did like the use of the Captain America radio drama. First off, great juxtaposition of the fight scenes in the drama against Peggy’s actual fights, but it also represented two things: Captain America as an everlasting symbol, as well as the trivialization of Peggy’s involvement. Despite the active role Peggy played, in this radio drama, the character represents what Peggy is not: a damsel in distress that would rather stay home and get things nice and tidy while the boys go out and do the fighting.

Bridge and Tunnel- Peggy believes that Steve could carry the world on his shoulders

Peggy is her own woman. She’d prefer to do things on her own because she knows that she can, but that mentality is what alienates her from those with good intentions, like Angie. I understand why Peggy wouldn’t want to move into the same apartment as Angie. She just lost Colleen and blames herself for that. If she lets someone else into her life, she feels there may be more blood on her hands. This isn’t really a character flaw because it’s a trait we’ve seen her carry over since the events of The First Avenger, but I want Peggy to be happy.

There’s a lot of setup with this episode: just what is Leviathan? Will the agents get any closer to learning about the blonde woman? What happens now that Krzeminski has the license plate and will it be traced back to Jarvis and Peggy? How many more disguises will Peggy put on? Will Mrs. Jarvis ever grow suspicious of what her husband is doing at all late hours of the night? And how many women has Howard Stark been with, anyway?

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